Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wootton Bassett given the 'Royal' prefix in honour of ceremonies for UK War Heroes - "We are not doing this for any plaudits, honours or awards."

Many of our military traditions stem from what we adopted from the British military as we became a nation over 235 years ago.....

101 years since the village of Tunbridge Wells got the nod from Edward VII, Wootton Bassett has been given the 'Royal' prefix in honour of its moving ceremonies remembering Britain's war dead.

The Queen granted the honour personally, marking the announcement that troops killed abroad will no longer be taken back to RAF Lyneham, just outside of the Wiltshire town.

Since 2007, over 150 repatriations from Afghanistan have arrived in Lyneham, with each one commemorated by the Wootton townsfolk.
Steve Bucknell, the town's mayor, said back then: "We are not doing this for any plaudits, honours or awards. We don't want anything to take the attention away from the guys who have paid the ultimate price."

I salute the good people of Royal Wootton Bassett and wish we would do something similar here as I feel that we should also honor our brave men & women when they are returned home after paying the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

To our Allies in Britain I say, Good Show.

Wootton Bassett granted 'Royal' title to honour parades

Wootton Bassett is to be the first town in more than 100 years granted the title ''Royal'' in recognition of its parades for fallen soldiers, David Cameron has announced.

12:15PM GMT 16 Mar 2011 - UK Telegraph

The Prime Minister confirmed that troop repatriations would no longer happen via the Wiltshire town from September due to the closure of a nearby RAF base.

But he said the Queen had agreed to the tribute as ''an enduring symbol of the nation's admiration and our gratitude to the people of that town''.

''Their deeply moving and dignified demonstrations of respect and mourning have shown the deep bond between the public and our Armed Forces,'' Mr Cameron told the Commons.

The Prime Minister made the announcement after making his regular tribute at the start of question time to the most recent military casualty in Afghanistan.

"The town will become Royal Wootton Bassett later this year in a move I believe will be welcomed right across our country."

In a written ministerial statement, Defence Secretary Liam Fox confirmed that repatriation ceremonies for those killed in operational theatres will move from RAF Lyneham to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

"I would like to thank RAF Lyneham for their excellent work in supporting the important task of repatriation ceremonies," Dr Fox said.

"I am certain that RAF Brize Norton will maintain the standard of solemnity, dignity and respect to our service personnel killed on operations as shown by the personnel at RAF Lyneham.

"I would also like to record publicly my thanks to the people of Wootton Bassett who have chosen to pay their respects in a unique and special way.

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