Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tyranny of the Minority

Let's break down a complicated issue into a simple equation. This can bring to focus the heart of the issue.

According to news reports, there are 300,000 public sector employees in Wisconsin.

According to the US census, the population of Wisconsin is 5,654,774.

If we do the math, that means that the public sector employees make up 5.3% of the total population.

That means at present, a little more than 5% of the total citizens in Wisconsin think they can set the tone for the rest of the State of Wisconsin and that have the right to tell the rest of the citizens (i.e. taxpayers, who the public sector employees work for) what they will or will not do, not show up for work and lie about why they refused to come to work when they should have worked or been fired.

If this is not a clear cut case of " Tyranny of the Minority", I don't know what else is.....

The Public sector Employees work for the taxpayers and should be grateful to have a job as many others would like to have their jobs. Enough of the BS already. Get back to work, and that includes the cowardly Legislators who ran across the border and abandoned their responsibility to serve the public's interests, and instead chose to serve their own shallow interests

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