Monday, March 28, 2011

In Memoriam - Lt. Colonel Donald Harwood Lee, Jr.(Ret), 90....An American Hero

Thanks Colonel.....we deeply appreciate all that you did for us...too bad more weren't able to say so while you were here...Our WW2 Heroes are slowly leaving this world and we owe them a great debt of gratitude....Here's the info on one who gave more to his country than he ever asked from us....too bad there aren't more like him in Washington, DC as we need LEADERS like him.

"Lt. Colonel Donald Harwood Lee, Jr.(Ret), 90
, of Eufaula, Okalhoma succumbed to cancer on February 20, 2011 in Edmond and is home with the Lord. Donald was born on June 27, 1920 in Ypsilanti, Michigan to Donald and Hazel Estelle Lee. He attended and graduated from Ypsilanti High School in 1938. Following college at the University of Michigan, Donald entered the United States Army Air Corps. He served in World War II and in the Korean War as a fighter pilot. For his service, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal, the Bronze Star Medal, and the Purple Heart, among others.

Don was my father in law, he flew, P-40, P-51, his favorite the P-38, in WW2, and the F-86 in Korea. The fact that he never bragged, never asked for credit, he simply did what needed to be done. Among the awards he was given, he recieved the bronze star with clusters, meaning he basically recieved three bronze stars, the Distinguished Flying Cross was the medal he was most proud of. He was a humble man that asked nothing of anyone he wasn't willing to give of himself."

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