Friday, March 4, 2011

The Media buries the news regarding LIVE AMMO found outside the Wisconsin Capitol Buildings...

The Mainstream Media is an active cheerleader for the Unions and those who want to make sure the public keeps paying through the nose....

The Unions Thugs and their ilk are NOT civil and the fact that live ammunition was found at multiple locations outside and inside Government Buildings in Madison shows that the people involved with this protest are as unstable as they come.

The way the Media has attacked the Tea Party but not seen the same anger in the crowds of Union Thugs that have tried to dictate the issues in Wisconsin shows that the Media are "cheerleading" the unions bullying of the people.

IF places were changed and this was a Conservative protest of a Liberal Administration and ammunition was found nearby, the Media would be screaming it in huge the case of the ammunition found yesterday, there is a muted reporting by the Media. A news search on Google shows only 1100 news stories regarding finding ammunition compared to the 5300+ articles decrying the planned layoffs of 1500 state employees due to the cowardly legislators refusing to show up for work.

The Media is repeating the mistake it made when it "cheerleaded" Obama in to office only to have to reverse their positions a year later when he turned out to be incomptent. it would be best if they report the facts and let the reader decide for themselves instead of becoming partisan participants in the " Tryanny of the Minority".

Capitol visitors screened for weapons; woman arrested trying to rush past security
BILL NOVAK The Capital Times Loading… Posted: Friday, March 4, 2011 12:15 pm

Police are screening people coming into the State Capitol on Friday after 41 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition were found outside three entrances to the building on Thursday.

Capitol Police also arrested a woman Friday morning after she tried to charge past officers to get into the building.

Elizabeth Ringle of Madison was arrested for disorderly conduct, police said, at the North Hamilton Street entrance to the Capitol.

According to police, Ringle continually attempted to get past the screening area without being checked for weapons or prohibited items.

"She was asked repeatedly to go through screening but failed to comply," the police report said. "After trying to charge past officers she was arrested."

Police also said several threats have been made to members of the state Legislature and the executive branch, but didn't elaborate who has been receiving threats.

Bullets were also found Thursday in the City-County Building on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, a block away from the Capitol.

"Multiple rounds of live ammunition have been recovered from public stairways and in a public bathroom in the City-County Building," said Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

DeSpain said there were no specific threats made to anyone working in the City-County Building.

The ammunition found in the City-County Building and outside the Capitol were the only incidents of this nature reported to police, with no ammunition showing up elsewhere downtown, DeSpain said

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