Saturday, March 26, 2011

This will go on someone's permanent record...

My Daughter likes the movie " Cars " and there are some funny lines in the movie including a line where Sally the Porsche tells off Lightning McQueen after he dumps on the little town of Radiator Springs saying: " Even here in "Hillbilly Hell " we have our standards...."

Well it seems that a reporter from Iowa found out that there are rules even at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan...

Bringing order to a lawless land -one Parking Ticket at a time

Mar 25, 2011 by Tony Leys
Desmoins Register

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan - This place is just like a real city – in the most annoying of ways.

Our National Guard guide got smacked with a pink ticket for parking his clunker pickup truck inappropriately on “Warrior Loop” today. It looked like an OK spot to us at the time, but I guess not.

The base officer who filled out the ticket did a lovely, efficient job. The boxes are neatly checked, and the spelling is perfect. You have to appreciate a public servant who displays such craftsmanship.

But here’s the question: What’s the punishment?

As soldiers here like to say, “What are they gonna do, send me to Afghanistan?”

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