Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back in the Day....James Garner has a thing for fast cars....especially Corvettes

Must be the nature of the day that I am interested in historical items...there's a reason for that but for now it will remain under wraps....Take a look at this - James Garner is famous for his acting but is also a Korean War veteran and enjoyed racing fast cars, including Corvettes. He drove the pace cars at the 59th Indianapolis 500 (May 25, 1975), the 61st Indianapolis 500 (May 29, 1977), and at the 69th Indianapolis 500 (May 26, 1985). Here are some pictures I found online that show James Garner tearing it up, back in the day. He owned a Chevy Dealership and that must have made it easy for him to get access to the Muscle cars of the Day, especially the 1968 Must have been fun.

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