Thursday, March 10, 2011

2012 Election Choices.....not many and pretty poor

The issue we will face in the 2012 Elections is that the Doofus in the White House needs to go.....Obama has proven himself to be pretty ineffective on all fronts....He might have been OK as a " Community Organizer " but as the Chief Executive for the USA, he is way outta his league....He is in over his head and then some...He likes to stand up at the podium and lecture the rest of us about how we need to sacrifice but him & his ilk have no such restraint placed on themselves.....He is a poster child for the " Do as I say, not as I do crowd."

Think about the last two years and what we have seen from the utter fools like Pelosi, Geitner, Napolitano, Biden and others running our country into the ground. You can see why we have to find someone to step up and return sanity to our country......

So our choices for President in 2012 are either we get stuck with this:

OR one of these:

WOW....and the idjits in the media wonder why the American Voters are turned off???

What we really need right now is something more like this, which doesn't exist in current American Politics

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