Monday, March 21, 2011

Starry Skies in Afghanistan.......

I was thinking about writing something about the usual topics of military issues, classic cars, poltics, etc. but I decided it would be better to take in the enclosed pictures....We like to think we are the masters of the universe but we are merely passengers along for the ride...If you want to get an idea of how we place in the universe, take a ride out on a clear night to a place where there are no lights. No streetlights, no malls, etc. Find a very isolated hilltop and take in the night sky...

During my travels in Afghanistan, I was able to spend time at a "black FOB", called that because at night, the lights are turned off to provide more is amazing how many stars you could see and the incredible beauty of the night sky.

It provides you with some perspective....many need this type of experience but it has been lost to our 24 hours a day world where we are bathed in artificial lights and don't see the stars.

Our military in Afghanistan don't have that problem as they to see this kind of thing all the time.

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