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The Holder Hangover

As I have stated before, posting other's words here are a good thing especially when someone else hits " the nail on the head" - I have been a long standing supporter of trying terrorists in a Nuremberg style trial instead of the administration's farce of allowing them to have access to our regular courts.

Or we could follow Sir Winston Churchill's advice, "that they be summarily shot" - cheap and effective - the simplest methods are sometimes the best.

Been busy here in KAF - neighbors have been sending us "love notes" if you know what I mean...Guess it is time we send them some back...with all due expediency.

The Holder hangover (and whence it comes)

January 31, 2010 Posted by Scott at 8:26 AM

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania during the presidential campaign in June 2008, Barack Obama addressed the Supreme Court's Boumediene decision granting Guantanamo detainees the right to challenge their confinement through habeas corpus proceedings in federal court. Obama asserted that the "principle of habeas corpus, that a state can't just hold you for any reason without charging you and without giving you any kind of due process -- that's the essence of who we are." He explained:

I mean, you remember during the Nuremberg trials, part of what made us different was even after these Nazis had performed atrocities that no one had ever seen before, we still gave them a day in court and that taught the entire world about who we are but also the basic principles of rule of law. Now the Supreme Court upheld that principle yesterday.

Obama's comments derive from what I facetiously call "the higher wisdom" that fueled his campaign and that is now operative in his administration. Attorney General Eric Holder perfectly reflects it.

In designating the mastermind of 9/11 and his co-conspirators who are detained in Guantanamo for trial in federal court in Manhattan, cloaking them with the rights of American citizens under the Constitution of the United States, Holder sought to give them their "day in court." He also sought to "t[each] the entire world about who we are but also the basic principles of rule of law."

The only appropriate response to Obama's campaign comments on Boumediene is: "Not true." The higher wisdom is founded on false precepts. The Nuremberg trial was conducted before a military commission composed of representatives of the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union. Obama to the contrary notwithstanding, the Nuremberg defendants weren't brought before a federal court or cloaked with the protections of the United States Constitution.

The most prominent surviving Nazi leaders were brought for trial before the Nuremberg tribunal in late 1945. Winston Churchill had proposed, not unreasonably, that they be summarily shot. The victorious allies nevertheless subsequently agreed that they would be brought before a military commission to be convened pursuant to the London Agreement of August 8, 1945.

In Boumediene, the Supreme Court disapproved of the system of military commissions Congress had adopted at the Supreme Court's urging. Obama to the contrary notwithstanding, the Nuremberg defendants' "day in court" occurred before the kind of tribunal the Supreme Court found constitutionally inadequate in Boumediene.

The Nazi war criminals were given no access to American courts. Their rights before the Nuremberg tribunal were governed by the charter annexed to the London Agreement

. The charter's "fair trial" provision was extraordinarily brief. It required only the preparation of an indictment (to be translated into the defendant's language) and accorded defendants an explanation relevant to the charges made against them in the proceedings; the translation of the proceedings into defendants' language; the right to conduct their own defense before the tribunal or to have the assistance of counsel; the right to present evidence at the trial in support of his defense, and to cross-examine any witnesses testifying against him.

The charter provision on the appeal rights of the Nuremberg defendants was even shorter and sweeter. There were no appeal rights. The charter provided: "The judgment of the Tribunal as to the guilt or the innocence of any Defendant shall give the reasons on which it is based, and shall be final and not subject to review."

Following Obama's higher wisdom, Eric Holder established an insane protocol. It is titled "Determination of Guantanamo Cases Referred for Prosecution." The protocol adopts a presumption that explains the cases of KSM et al. and Umar Abdulmutallab.

The second paragraph of the protocol sets forth the "Factors for Determination of Prosecution." It provides: "There is a presumption that, where feasible. referred cases will be prosecuted in an Article III [federal] court, in keeping with traditional principles of federal prosecution."

The Obama administration's determination to give KSM and Umar Abdulmutallab their "day in court" is untenable. It is untenable as a matter of law and it is untenable as a matter of tradition. It is indeed, as Thomas Sowell holds, an obscenity. It is also untenable as a matter of politics.
Congress has adopted a system of military commissions for unlawful enemy combatants that conforms to the Supreme Court's requirements. That is where the trials of KSM and Abdulmutallab belong.

The planned trials of KSM and Abdulmutallab in federal court join related errors committed by the Obama administration. These errors include the announced closure of Guantanamo, the repatriation of Guantanamo detainees to Yemen and Saudi Arabia, the termination of the CIA's program of enhanced interrogation, the release of Justice Department memos that had authorized the CIA interrogation program, and the reopening of previously concluded investigations into CIA officers.

As word comes that the Obama administration has abandoned its plan to try KSM et al. in New York City, it lies upon us to recall the source of the error and the related errors that afflict us. The "presumption" that unlawful enemy combatants are to be treated like American citizens is an offense against law, tradition and reason, but it does not stand alone, and it does not derive in the first instance from Eric Holder.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


With Reverence & Respect, this message is posted. I am in Kandahar, Afghanistan and wanted you to see this message. Please forward to ensure that as many as possible will read the words of this valiant warrior.

Courtesy of Northwest Herald of Illinois, Kevin Lyons is news editor of the Northwest Herald. e-mail him at


Kevin J. Cook - US Naval Reserve (retired) - working as a civilian contractor in Kandahar, Afghanistan


E-mail message from U.S. Army Maj. Anne Brophy, who is assigned to the 143rd JAG Unit in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Today, I was given a great honor. My friend, MAJ De Mosby, invited me to join her at Mortuary Affairs. Kandahar Airfield just received 4 fallen warriors. They were on foot patrol when an IED went off.The fallen heroes have to be out of the country within 24 hours of death.

De and I were invited to put on smocks and gloves to assist in preparing the bodies for travel. We entered after the physician and chaplains had finished. The room wasn't cold but the tables were still sterile. The bodies were on the slab that makes up the bottom of the casket, each casket lined up from head to foot.Teams of two worked on each hero. I began with the sign of the cross. We assisted in actually inventorying the bodies and the items brought in with them. Only 3 of the 4 bodies will be able to have open caskets. Only one of those three will be able to have a fully open casket. We could see all four of their bodies.

A few of us through our professions have seen bodies on the table, in various states, but it was so hard not to cry for these young men. All of the soldiers and marines taking care of the bodies did it with great reverence. They see fallen heroes nearly everyday - and continue to treat each hero with dignity and respect. After checking the bodies for any personal affects and inventorying what they had. We assisted in zippering up the black bags and tagging the outside.

While we were there, the companions of the Air Force fallen hero asked to come into the room. Each of the bodies was draped with Old Glory before the companions were allowed to enter. Even though all of us were chatting in small groups, all stopped talking when the companions came toward the body.SSG Arthur drew back the flag and unzipped the black body bag, allowing the companions to view their fallen hero. De and I stood close to each other as the companions grieved. Shortly thereafter, they were escorted out. The flags were removed and put on the side.

The four fallen heroes were then carted outside to a big refrigerated container (reefers). While I didn't know protocol of standing at parade, the soldiers and marines attending to the bodies continued to handle the bodies gently and stood at parade rest when the other bodies were brought out.The large doors were then closed. We looked out to see SSG Kelly, and heard that one of the injured men was from his unit, a unit that De and I heavily support. SSG Kelly was strong, his enlisted soldier, a specialist, was barely hanging on. De and I gave both of them hugs. We then returned to the room where the bodies had been removed. I was amazed and thankful to these soldiers and marine that do this all of the time, unfortunately.

Four new flags were then removed from boxes. De and I had the honor of ironing one of the flags.Supplies are hard to come by and the ironing board is a few pieces of plywood, the iron was purchased from the PX with the soldier's own funds.(No iron donations are needed) They take great pride in ironing the flag and making it look as perfect as possible. While they do amazing work for our Fallen Heroes, many don't see what they do and how they honor our fallen. They do see the flag on top of the casket which is marched past ranks of soldiers, airmen, and marines from the United States and many other countries.

As De and I ironed, we almost cried. We ironed the broad red stripes of our flag, I thought of what the colors actually meant - and how their meaning could not have been more evident than today.

Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress, reporting to Congress on the Seal, stated: "The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valor, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice."

As we ironed the red, I thought about the blood these men had shed for us. I could remember the smell from the body when I had the honor of preparing his body for his final trip home. I ironed the white stripes - thinking about how young these men were. One barely had hair on his upper lip. Yet each one of them were proud to serve their country, mixing their innocence with their valor, next to each other. The blue represented the justice we are serving here - helping the Afghanistan people be free from terrorists and in turn, keeping our own land free from terrorists.

We cannot forget that these terrorists came to OUR soil, OUR land, and killed OUR people. September 11 photos are off the TV now, almost a forgotten memory but so real here. The terrorists continue to try and kill us everyday. These young men died to keep all of us and our families alive. They exhibited valor, purity and justice. Although it is late with the ramp ceremony at 0145, I am tired, and have a cold, I am staying up to go to their ramp ceremony.

At times, the fallen heroes names are not read at the ramp ceremony because family members have not been notified. The bodies go to Dover, Del. where they continue to be treated with honor and dignity. Please rent Taking Chance when you can to see how we honor our fallen heroes when they leave here. The new year started out with a ramp ceremony for 4 fallen Canadian Soldiers and one reporter. Tonight, we will say good bye to these four fallen heroes. After I spent time with these heroes, I went back to work, just like I went back to work after all of the other ramp ceremonies, just like I will in the future ramp ceremonies, just like on Christmas and New Years day. The mission still needs to be done.

I'll continue to go to the ramp ceremonies, for well over 50 fallen heroes, because I feel a need to thank each service member.I am still unhappy that I missed COL Rudzinski's son's ceremony but continue to pray for him and his family - I just didn't know. There are days I wonder why these fallen heroes were chosen, and others aren't. Why did I come home after Kuwait/ Iraq after having lived half my life already and yet these young ones, just starting, are now with the good Lord. It is because of our Lord that each of us go on. I can certainly tell you my faith has gotten stronger here - even though I still get into animated discussions with the priests here and there. Same old me but a little different. In the end, please pray for our fallen heroes, their families and those that take care of our fallen heroes

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homeless Ex-Marine Laid to Rest After Losing Life Saving Others From House Fire

SEMPER FI To this BRAVE MARINE -- Rest EASY with your Brothers At Arlington National Cemetery....WELL DONE MARINE

Homeless Ex-Marine Laid to Rest After Losing Life Saving Others From House Fire


ARLINGTON, Va. — Ray Vivier had been an adventurer, an ex-Marine who explored the country from South Carolina to Alaska, the father of five children.

The 61-year-old also was a man starting to get his life back together after living for years in a shanty beneath a Cleveland bridge. He had struggled with alcoholism, but by November he had a welding job, friends and a place to stay at a boarding house.

He rescued five people from that house when arsonists set it ablaze — but Vivier couldn't save himself. He and three others died, and two people have been charged in their deaths. Vivier's body, unclaimed and unidentified for weeks, seemed destined for an anonymous, modest burial.
However, Jody Fesco — who met Vivier while she was volunteering at a soup kitchen and had even invited him to her wedding — heard that Vivier may have died. Fesco and her husband contacted their friend Haraz Ghanbari, an Associated Press photographer, about the situation. Ghanbari took the lead to make sure Vivier wasn't forgotten, tracking down the family members and arranging a proper funeral.

On Friday, Vivier's ashes were inurned at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.
"You can see from what he did that he definitely had a good heart," said Mercedes Cruz, Vivier's ex-wife of 23 years, who attended the funeral with the couple's children. "No matter what our difficulties were in our marriage, I'm very proud of what's happened."

For his grown children — who now are scattered around the country — Vivier had been gone for about 15 years. They know of his heroism now — but they don't know much about the man he was trying to become. They remember their dad's struggles with alcohol and other troubles.

"What I'm trying to get out of this is to have one good, concrete memory that I can have of him for what he did to save those people," said his oldest daughter, Elisha Vivier. "I'm proud of the man that he was becoming."

Vivier was a private in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1965 and 1966, though he didn't see combat. He was stationed at Parris Island, S.C., Cruz said.

After his discharge, Vivier spent years working as a machinist, welder, iron worker and other tough jobs. He loved the outdoors and moved his family from Alaska to Oregon.

"He was just adventurous," Cruz said. "He loved to see different places and see what it was like to live there."

When he was homeless in Cleveland, he was proud to have one of the best shanties around, said Fesco, 29, who met Vivier at a soup kitchen.

"We hit if off right away," she said.

She took Vivier home for Christmas one year and later invited him to her wedding. Vivier was genuine, she said, "a real gentle spirit.

"He was trying to get himself out of some struggles — some struggles with alcohol — and just do better for himself, and he was, which was fantastic," Fesco said.

Ghanbari, who is an ensign in the U.S. Navy, helped arrange for Vivier's remains to be placed in a columbarium wall at Arlington National Cemetery. The site overlooks the Pentagon with the National Cathedral and Washington Monument in the distance.

At the military service, seven Marines fired three rifle shots, and a bugler played taps. Elisha Vivier carried a gold urn with her father's ashes to the wall and placed them inside, alongside the remains of thousands of veterans.

Ray Vivier was quiet, friends said, but people knew who he was. Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman met Vivier years ago while working as a social worker. He said Vivier was quiet, yet kind and compassionate. More than 125 people attended a memorial service weeks after the fire in Cleveland.

"It was a huge blow for the community. This was one of our neighbors who people cared about and knew," Cimperman said. "We're less because he's gone."

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AMERICA'S NAVY – A Global Force for Good™; When the world calls on America, America calls on us.
If a picture paints a thousand words, this picture speaks volumes....what a great moment captured for the world.....Yes, we Americans like to think we are "all that" BUT you don't see Iran, Hugo Chavez, Putin or the rest of the America Haters doing the great things we do....The people of Haiti are in need and it is the UNITED STATES that shows the world what can be done. 30 other nations are there assisting, but we LEAD by example.
When it first came out, I thought the Navy's new PR campaign was a bit cheesy, but when the chips are down anywhere in the world, it is our FINE US NAVY that shows why we are " the last best hope for freedom" in our small world.
BRAVO ZULU to our men & women of the US NAVY !!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obama - Worst Budget Record in USA History

President JAFO (Just Another F$%King Observer) has won another title....

"Worst Budget Record of Any President in American History" - This comment comes from the WH Budget Office no less....

Let's see how that plays in November 2010 when people go to the polls for the congressional elections......From the WASH TIMES -

EDITORIAL: Obama is killing the economy

Barack Obama has the worst budget record of any president in American history. White House budget office spokesman Tom Gavin claimed "a very strong beginning" for the president's purported first-year attempts at controlling spending - for example, zeroing out a $17 million program for work incentive grants. But such paltry efforts are round-off numbers compared to the gush of red ink created by President Obama and congressional Democrats. This government is setting the United States on an inevitable path to permanent debtor status.

The White House entitled Mr. Obama's first budget "A New Era of Responsibility," which essayist Roger Kimball observed should have been called "Gone with the Wind." Mr. Obama's budget, coupled with the $787 billion stimulus slush fund, was the most irresponsible in history. The effects of his ruinous policies can already be measured. The 2009 budget deficit tripled over 2008. The deficit as a percentage of gross domestic product went from 3.1 percent in 2008 to 9.9 percent in 2009. The deficit for the first month of fiscal year 2010 was $176 billion, which was greater than the $161 billion deficit for the entire 2007 fiscal year.....

...People certainly have lost confidence in the president. A CNN poll from the second week in January showed that 62 percent of the public disapproves of Mr. Obama's handling of the budget deficit, and 54 percent disapprove of his economic policies in general. In a January Quinnpiac poll, 53 percent said Mr. Obama is fiscally irresponsible. A Bloomberg poll from the first week of December showed that 60 percent believe that chronically high deficits constitute a high threat to economic performance, and 57 percent disapprove of Mr. Obama's handling of the issue. An October 2009 NBC News poll showed that 62 percent believed controlling the federal deficit was more important than boosting the economy.

The debt outlook is increasingly bleak. Congress shows no desire to rein in spending, and is debating a heath care bill that will add even more red ink. The amount of debt owned by foreign countries is increasing, confidence in the dollar is dropping, gold prices are soaring, energy costs are rising, the trade deficit is widening and Mr. Obama's first year Gallup approval rating has fallen faster than any president since records have been kept. Connect the dots. The Obama administration is an unmitigated economic disaster for this country, and most Americans are worried about that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is posted as a tribute to all who have done time in the sandbox....SPOT-ON and some really funny SH -T

From MILBLOG : By Jamie McIntyre

You Know You Are In Afghanistan if…

1. You flinched from a controlled detonation your first week, then stand in the open to watch real mortars landing– a month later.
2. The most intimate contact you’ve had in months is with the shower curtain.
3. Your most successful pick-​​up line is "I’ve got a vehicle."
4. In PT gear all the Air Force people look like glow-​​in-​​the-​​dark Power Rangers and you can’t even see the Army Folks.
5. Your 06:00 wake-​​up call is: BOOM "ROCKET ATTACK - ROCKET ATTACK. Take cover immediately."
6. They actually give weapons to the Air Force personnel.
7. You give directions using T-​​Wall & bunker murals as points of reference.
8. You realize AAFES is their own country and can print their own money. (POGS)
9. The amount of sand in your boots is only surpassed by the amount in your nose.
10. Something as simple as taking a shower or going to the bathroom at 02:00 requires preparation equal to the Apollo moon landing.
11. The Texas-​​style brisket is not from Texas, is not brisket, and has no style.
12. You are watching a "chick-flick" with 300 guys with machine guns.
13. Your internet connection is twice as slow as your old dial-​​up connection back home.
14. You are lying under your bed in your PPE writing to your spouse, "No, nothing exciting happened today," and you mean it.
15. You can buy a Guitar Heroes Game from the on post AAFES, but paper towels are nowhere to be found.
16. You live in a gated community, but your home is still a Container.
17. You are caught driving way over the speed limit and you were only going 12 MPH.
18. During Alarm Red someone jumps out of the bunker to tell you to get your hands out of your pockets.
19. Your idea of a night on the town is going to another DFAC or another PX.
20. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but you still wouldn’t want to be on that side of the fence.
21. Dusting the furniture has a whole new meaning.
22. "Pimp my Ride" means putting doors on your Hummer or painting your Gator tires gold.
23. U2 is hitting the charts again.
24. The local community holds fireworks displays every night in your honor.
25. Driving over the curb seems totally natural.
26. The outcome of the war hinges on how you wear your reflective belt.
27. You see a guy in full battle rattle driving a Humvee trying not to spill his latte.
28. It feels normal to dry your hands at the DFAC with toilet paper.
29. Your idea of a clear day is when you can see the perimeter of the base from where you are.
30. The dust on the dashboard of your vehicle is an inch think, but you don’t even notice it.
31. You don’t even notice T-​​walls anymore.
32. Cold water from the shower is only possible after Oct.1.
33. Getting your laundry back from the contractor is a big deal.
34. A 105-​​degree day in the summer actually feels cool.
35. You don’t even notice an F-16 taking off anymore.
36. You don’t stop what you’re doing anymore when you hear automatic gun fire coming from the perimeter.
37. You used to think that F-16’s, doing afterburner take-off, were cool. Now it just pisses you off.
38. Without even looking outside, you know that the weather sucks because you weren’t woken up all night from the roar of the F-16’s.
39. The weather forecast includes "a chance of smoke." (Lt. Col. Downie)
40. That $2 DVD you are watching was just released in theaters yesterday and it comes complete with silhouetted heads and Arabic subtitles.
41. You see people wearing their extreme cold weather gear when the temperature drops into the 60s.
42. The day you arrived in country, you were disappointed that not one member of the opposite sex in your unit was even remotely attractive. One month later, you’re trying to figure out where all these hotties came from and then you realize they are all in your unit.
43. You get excited about drinking your two allotted beers while watching the Super Bowl in the middle of the night, and the beers give you a buzz.
44. You only know what day it is by seeing what is on the menu at the DFAC.
45. You wear flip-​​flops while you are showering.
46. The man dressed in the Santa suit is carrying an M16 and wearing body armor and a helmet


It's hard to top this write-up - The sense of "entitlement" is ripe in all forms of State and Local Government (especially in small towns) - The " Don't-you-know-who-I'm-am ???" mentality is a BLIGHT on our landscape.....Ms. Coakley is about to find that out.....ouch - how the mighty have fallen....

If we could make the "cancer" of entitlement in our state go away, we could save so much money it would bring tears to your eyes.......


In public battles, entitlement buys nothing
By Joanna Weiss

Globe Columnist / January 16, 2010

YOU CAN’T turn on the TV right now without finding yourself in the crossfire of two epic battles: for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat, and for Johnny Carson’s old desk on “The Tonight Show.’’ The stakes are different, obviously, but the same cautionary tale holds for both: Whether in politics or Hollywood contract negotiations, a sense of entitlement gets you nowhere.

Entitlement is a good chunk of the reason why Martha Coakley has watched her once-comfortable lead in the Senate race vanish. Her shock at her predicament is palpable. I can’t keep myself from giggling at one of her attack ads, so sinister in tone that it feels like self-parody. “Who is Scott Brown, really? A Republican,’’ it asks. Wait - he didn’t tell us that already?

But that’s the underlying message, apparently heartfelt: Can’t you people understand that Brown isn’t supposed to win this race? This is Massachusetts, after all, where congressional seats are supposed to be reserved for Democrats. And the primary, which Coakley won without exerting herself, did nothing to dissuade her that a candidate with Kennedyesque views and statewide name recognition owned the future.Assumptions can be hard to shake, in politics and in the equally political business of TV. And just as conventional wisdom holds that Massachusetts is ruled by the left, it says that TV is ruled by the young, the hip, the edgy. That’s why we keep getting shows like “Jersey Shore,’’ and why NBC promised “The Tonight Show’’ to Conan five years ago.

Now, Conan and his hipster fans seem shocked that the network would renege on its promise and cling to someone as square as Leno. So they’re reacting with their own, tech-savvy sense of entitlement. They’ve set up Facebook fan pages and drafted Shepard Faireyesque posters declaring, “I’m With Coco.’’ They’ve graft subtitled rants about Leno onto old German films about Hitler. It’s great stuff, but what is Leno supposed to do - disappear just because he isn’t hip? Give up the right, in a vicious and ego-driven business, to get the best time slot he can?

Or should he get credit for understanding his audience, and sensing that NBC would come around? After some boneheaded scheduling moves and clumsy negotiations, NBC realized its late-night future doesn’t rest with the young hipsters who don’t bother to watch TV at a scheduled time, or are already lost to the cult of Stewart and Colbert. Jay Leno speaks to the un-hip viewers who love “NCIS’’ and “CSI,’’ and who - for now, at least - are the power source for network TV.

You can’t win an election, either, without understanding where the power lies. That’s why, in Massachusetts, Scott Brown now has a chance. He knows that the swing voters here are the Interstate 495 independents. He knows they like candidates who reflect their frustration at the state of the world, and that they like to be asked for their support.

Now, they know who Brown is, too; ever since this race turned into a race, he’s been on the air so much that I can trace the outlines of his kitchen cabinets in my sleep. Brown’s ads are clever: They reflect a general sense of disgruntlement without bothering to get too specific. They sell the political equivalent of Leno, an everyman in a comfortable sweater who doesn’t like mean people.

It’s still amazing that Coakley hasn’t been able to tap into similar populist fervor, to connect her past work fighting Wall Street excesses to the news of record Wall Street salaries, to make a case that obstruction on health care is bad for the little guy, too. She needs her own “I’m With Coco’’ movement more than ever now. And while a rally with President Obama is one approach, she could also take a page from the O’Brien fans’ playbook, and try to turn her now-precarious situation into a source of strength.

Just as O’Brien is getting a ratings boost from gabbing about his misfortune, Coakley could get some sympathetic attention by offering an honest assessment of the race. She could apologize for thinking this was her seat to lose and admit she has to work for every vote. And then she could start working. Fast

Monday, January 11, 2010


Camp Frontenac -

Enclosed are pictures from Camp Frontenac - a small FOB about 20 miles north of Kandahar...

Next to the Chapel, the Chaplain has erected a teepee which holds the pictures of the 21 soldiers lost from the 1-17, the Buffalo Brigade - to see this beautiful sacred space in the midst of all the harshness of the environment here is something beyond words.

There are moments of ultimate beauty here in a harsh landscape, and moments of incredible clarity - seeing how precious life really is.....It is something that is lost on most us during our day-to-day existence. We lose sight of what is really important, and how quickly it can be taken from us if we are not careful.

A prayer for the Brave Buffalo Soldiers and one of thankfulness for all that the LORD has provided each of us. We are all truly blessed and I was grateful for the reminder.

The picture of the Teepee at night is from Micheal Yon's report on this Sacred Space -- the others enclosed are shared with you from another source who will remain anonymous...

Secret Squirrel - War of the Unknown Warriors

This location has certain aspects which can only be spoken about in generalities. The kind of items that are known but unspoken based on OPSEC (Operational Security) and the basic rule of thumb that you aren’t supposed to know about what is going on there.

In the Television show MASH, there was Colonel Flagg, who showed up whenever something unusual was going on and made his entrance & exit in a way that no one knew where he was going or where he came from. The character was purposely set up to be a comically inept James Bond figure, and by doing so, lampoon the culture of secrecy and those that are in that profession.

In Afghanistan, there are groups that fall into the “secret squirrel” category and they are doing the most dangerous work. The attack on the base in Khost demonstrates the nature of work these silent warriors perform in the field, accomplishing things that likely most of us will never know about or be aware of. They are a necessary component of the battle and the struggle between our country and those who wish us harm.

We salute the troops as they are the visible aspect of our country’s defense. We should also salute those who work in the service of our country, and do so anonymously. They are not allowed to bask in the limelight, and are rarely, if ever, recognized for the hard work they perform. They spend countless months/years away from their families and homes, doing the necessary work that keeps up safe. There is a wall at CIA headquarters that has 90 stars on it. Each star symbolizes an agent who was killed in the course of service to protect our country and our way of life, known but to a few.

Sir Winston Churchill summed up the following sentiment in describing those who work in anonymity, who will never be known and do the important tasks that will never be written into our history books.

"War of the Unknown Warriors"

“ This is no war of chieftains or of princes, of dynasties or national ambition; it is a war of peoples and of causes. There are vast numbers, not only in this island but in every land, who will render faithful service in this war but whose names will never be known, whose deeds will never be recorded. This is a war of the Unknown Warriors...”
— BBC Broadcast, London, 14 July 1940

In Afghanistan, there are many who fall into the “Secret Squirrel” category and are the unknown heroes of our land. We salute them and send our thanks for all their efforts as we need those who willingly will sacrifice and risk their lives and do so without the recognition or praise. I am personally grateful for their efforts and send my thanks to them & their families for their honorable service.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cigar Break

Sometimes things get hectic but then sometimes things work out for the better....a nice day in AFGHN and a good chance for "Middleboro Jones" to enjoy a cigar.....

A good friend supplied a great CAO Brazillia...a fine smoke indeed.... sometimes the perks of this job in the Sandbox are good. This was one of those times. Between the non-stop air-show we get treated to and the cigar break, it was a damn fine day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


All I can say is WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT ???? The lawyers in the Pentagon must have their heads up their arses if this is what they feel is worthy of their time and effort.....Abuse of a suspect?? ARE YOU F&*KING KIDDING ME?

I was in Fallujah - These SEALS are worthy of Medals and the fact that that we are doing this to our own people is ridiculous....More like a kick in the balls than a "punch in the gut"

"We have met the enemy and he is us..." Pogo had it right many years ago....

RELEASE THE SEALS and stop this reckless prosecution - we need these men to keep us safe.


Save these SEALS: Navy commandos rate honors, not courts-martial, for terror arrest
Sunday, January 3rd 2010, 4:00 AM - NY DAILY NEWS

· Three Navy SEALS are facing what appear to be courts-martial to warm the hearts of terrorists around the globe.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates must intervene to prevent an injustice that turns the world on its head.
Actually, the SEALS deserve medals. They were members of a team that captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, suspected mastermind of the barbaric murders of four
U.S. contractors in Fallujah in 2004.

Their bodies were mutilated, dragged through the streets, burned and suspended from a bridge. The photographs of the charred corpses dangling above the
Euphrates River outraged the world.

SEALS Matthew McCabe,
Julio Huertas and Jonathan Keefe were part of a squad that captured Abed on Sept. 1 in a picture-perfect operation. They did not fire a shot, though he was armed with a pistol. But Abed later claimed that one of the SEALS had hit him after he was a prisoner.

Yes, hit him. Not stabbed or shot him; not mutilated his body, not set him on fire, not waterboarded him. Hit him.
"A punch in the gut," is the way a defense lawyer described Abed's accusation.

How can those who opened an official investigation of this trifling matter sleep at night?

McCabe, Huertas and Keefe rejected a proceeding called a captain's mast, where punishment is mild, fearing they would be victimized by politics. Besides, many in the military view the proceedings, conducted under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as tantamount to an admission of guilt.

So instead of being paid honor due, McCabe has been charged with striking a detainee, dereliction of duty and making a false statement to an investigator. Huertas was charged with dereliction of duty, making a false statement and impeding the investigation. Keefe faces charges of dereliction of duty and making a false statement.
All three have been arraigned, and courts-martial are set for McCabe and Huertas this month and for Keefe in April. They face up to a year in jail, demotion and bad-conduct discharges.

It is bad enough that these men have been subjected to the indignity of formal criminal charges. Even an acquittal at trial would be a travesty. Why must they answer the charges of a terrorist?

McCabe's attorney,
Neal Puckett, has said the matter could still be handled within the Navy chain of command, without staining the SEALS' permanent records.

More than 96,000 people have joined
Facebook pages supporting the SEALS, and dozens of members of Congress have petitioned Gates to stop the proceedings. That's exactly what he should do. A terrorist has already been permitted to inflict too much damage on these American heroes


I'm not afraid of giving space to another soul's this case, see below as her words are better than I could have written if I had the time to compose the missive.....Similar theme to words written earlier by Peggie Noonan....


As this new year commences, two facts emerge: George W. Bush is officially retired as the fault-guy for the nation's ills, and Barack Obama owns the game.

Whether he wants to or not.

Every president deserves a year of grace to adapt to the job and adjust to its Himalayan learning curve. As Obama's first year ended — almost with a bang, thanks to a lonely Nigerian who found love in jihad — his grace period also ended.

Indeed, depending on how he responds to the security breach that almost brought down a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam, Obama's presidency is at risk of being rendered prematurely impotent.

The banality of our most recent would-be attack is almost too on-the-nose to exploit, but really. The son of a Nigerian banker packs his underwear with explosive material? Was this fellow computer-generated by a cartoon character?

If it weren't all so bloody horrifying, the incident would be ridiculous.

Which, come to think of it, is a fair appraisal of the Obama administration's initial performance when faced with a potentially catastrophic terrorist strike. The dots that needed connecting were all but performing the California Raisin dance.

Obama's open-collared, vacation response from Hawaii fell a few links short of reassuring. Something about humans and systems failing. Yes, well, that would about cover it.

Deep breath.

The cool detachment that was so attractive when political opponents were trying to rile Obama is suddenly becoming annoying. Preternaturally unflappable, his demeanor in these circumstances borders on inappropriate. Not that we need bombast and flared nostrils. Calm in the face of potential disaster is laudable, but it's a fine line between executive tranquillity and passive nonchalance.

But action is being taken, we're told. Investigations are under way and reports are being tabulated. Soon decisions will be forthcoming as to whether we bomb al-Qaida outposts in Yemen or insist that airline travelers liberate their inner Britneys and go panty-free through security checkpoints.
Full cavity searches can't be far from the minds of bureaucrats looking for ways to create a faux sense of security rather than figuring out how to draw simple inferences from red flags, recently in numbers sufficient to spell out "Allahu akbar" on a halftime football field.

The brightest among many was the perpetrator's own father's reports, both in person (twice) and by phone to American officials, that his son had become radicalized and might be dangerous. A CIA report describing those concerns apparently never made it through the Byzantine intelligence channels until after the foiled attack on Christmas Day.

Why? It was for just such coordination that the Bush administration four years ago created the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which last April came under fire by its then-inspector general, Edward Maguire — just days before being replaced. Maguire's report may provide the simplest answer to what went wrong.

In addition to criticizing the amount of time intelligence chiefs spend briefing the White House and Congress instead of managing the intelligence apparatus, Maguire blasted the ODNI for bureaucratic fat and financial mismanagement.

In fairness to Obama, Maguire's findings were completed before the president assumed office, but not released publicly until April. Even so, Obama has had plenty of time to tweak the system he now blames for the underwear bomber.

It's his ball now; time to stop dribbling.

Kathleen Parker is a columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Random Notes / New Year's Day / Kandahar

Today is New Year's Day and it is good to be able to report all is well. Here in AFGHN, things can be hazardous and any day where you can report all is well is a GOOD day.

I spent New Year's Eve getting rest as I have been nursing a sore wing. New Year's Eve has always been "ameteur night" and I have been happy to let others go out & kick the gong around...

Jan.1st marks the start of a new year and clearing one more hurdle towards completion of my time here and return to Boston.

In Boston, they are preparing for a double whammy of snow - Snow fall on New Year's Eve & more Snow on Saturday....I will not miss it as here it is cold but we don't have snow....they can save that for the people up north.....Fenway Park will host a outdoor hockey game with the Boston Bruins vs.Philadelphia Flyers - a true winter classic that harkens me to the days of playing pond hockey as a lad....

Spoke with family & friends back home - all are concerned for me as I am here (worry) and for them back home, there is a lack of visibilty on what we really deal with....We are safe & well protected but like any sane man, I am aware that danger is only one mistake away, which was what cost people their lives yesterday in Eastern AFGHN......

It is a small world here but a varied community with people from all over the world. This is a NATO Base and that means we have people from the USA, England, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia, Macadonia, India, Nepal, the Phillipines and likely a few others that I may have missed. Each country adds a different and varied flavor...I have found that the people I meet are interesting and each has something to share.

I have had to carve out my own routine here and it is because if you don't, things will be harder to schedule. Like many work places, they will find work for you and not be cognizant that you need a break to catch your breath, get a bite to eat, and even go outside to get some fresh air ( or a good cigar)

All is well, we are blessed and we are grateful for all the support we have from home. I pray each day and ask for God's blessing and the protection of his Angels. We are far from home, and are keenly aware that only a moment of complacency will kill.......if not from hostile fire, from a vehicle or other large moving object.

Wishes of good health, happiness and safety to all at home & here and especially to our Warfighters who are at the tip of the spear.....May God's angels be with them and bring them home safely in 2010.