Friday, March 25, 2011

Aloha Friday Observations....

I have spent time in Hawaii and in the islands, every Friday is " Aloha Friday "...There they look to live the " Aloha Spirit " and embrace the idea that "Aloha" is a way of living life with care and concern for others, along with enjoying life as it is a gift....I did this while overseas and wore my Aloha Shirt around Afghanistan on made me stand out that was for sure and I had one Marine ask me, " What the hell do you do here? " in a tone that was uncharacteristic of most Marines (they are very polite when addressing civilians)....when I told him I was part of the company that supplies his life-support services, he eased was a funny encounter as I would have likely wondered what the guy in the Aloha shirt was doing in Helmand Province if I were in his shoes too.....

Fridays also spur retrospective observations....You try to sum up the week's efforts and prepare yourself for some well earned weekend I'll take a bash at sharing some observations from my AOR (area of responsibility - Military speak for your present location)

  • We are entering Spring but the weather here seems to not want to move away from winter....we had snow here twice this week and thankfully, it didn't add up to much...gone within hours once the temps rose back to the low 40s
  • .
  • The Herring are "running", which means returning to the rivers here in Southeastern Massachusetts as they do each can tell because there is a large flock of Seagulls squawking and following them as they make their way up the river....and of course, leaving behind the calling cards that only seagulls can.....ewww
  • "March Madness" is in full swing.....whatever. Too much attention is paid to the NCAA and it has turned March into a month dominated by college Basketball.....sorry, not interested. Spring Training for the Red Sox....more please.....Roundball just isn't that exciting, in my humble opinion.
  • Two Oldest came by last night and we shared dinner and some early birthday cake along with the Mrs., daughter and was a good evening of humor, sibling rivalry and a game of Wii Golf....I actually won the round despite predictions that Dad would peter out on the tougher holes....I enjoy these evenings as the Number 1 and Number 2 sons have grown to be honorable men....I am proud of their efforts and it is very enjoyable to spend time in their company. The company of family in these tough times is something everyone needs more and less have the ability to enjoy....
  • The political posturing for the 2012 Elections is already rearing it's ugly head and the field could not be more full of empty-headed fools who look in the mirror and see themselves as the next Thomas Jefferson....."Let me be clear about this"....the country is in serious need of leadership and we got, zilch, one.....not a single person has appeared on the horizon who the country can get behind and feel confident on the outcome.....Romney, Gingrich, Palin, Bachman, Trump, Barbour, Pawlenty, etc, etc. - All are woefully over matched and none of them has anything we want or need....they are all a bunch of self-centered fools......the "Empty Suit" who occupies the office is an abject lesson in what we should NOT do...elect some feckless idjit promising " hope & change " - We need to " Hope" we can "Change" him outta there as he is a blight upon the world stage and an embarrassment .....feckless, incompetent and lacking the sense God gave a dog.....really....and who will be the replacement???
  • Meanwhile, we have Japan (prayers for them), Libya, Middle East unrest, Oil spiking, Deficit issues, etc, etc......did I miss anything ??
  • I think this may be why we all are eager for Spring to come allow us to enjoy the great outdoors and for a moment, leave the issues behind......especially on an ALOHA FRIDAY.

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