Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sanity restored in Wisconsin...and some rough business travel for yours truly....

Spent the day on business travel....The business part went well it was the "travel" part that was a slog.....delays and the Airlines showing that they have a long, long way to go to demonstrate that they understand customer service....Case in point, flying into Washington, DC at Reagan International Airport and having to wait on the tarmac for a 1/2 hour because " the gate we needed was being used" according to our Captain.....after a 1/2 hour wait, we finally get to pull up to the terminal only to find 4 open gates side-by-side....

Me thinks the Airlines need to get their act was not a happy group of passengers on our plane.....

Meanwhile, In Wisconsin, Sanity is restored as the Union Thugs and Overpaid State hacks finally see that they cannot derail the legislative process no matter how childish they want to act.....This shows that the Voters and more importantly the Taxpayers are the ones who set the tone of our Political Course in our country, not the Unions and certainly not the Public Sector. After all, they work for US, not the other way around.

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald Statement on Senate Action
Posted: Mar 09, 2011 7:38 PM EST

MADISON, WI (Press Release)
… After nearly a month of debate on the budget repair bill, nearly three weeks of childish stunts and delay tactics from the Democrats, the longest public hearing in state history and the longest Assembly debate in state history, the Senate met tonight to pass the non-fiscal items in the Budget Repair Bill. Sen. Fitzgerald released the following statement:

"Before the election, the Democrats promised "adult leadership" in Madison. Then a month and a half into session, the Senate Democrats fled the state instead of doing their job.

"In doing so, they have tarnished the very institution of the Wisconsin state Senate. This is unacceptable.

"This afternoon, following a week and a half of line-by-line negotiation, Sen. Miller sent me a letter that offered three options: 1) keep collective bargaining as is with no changes, 2) take our counter-offer, which would keep collective bargaining as is with no changes, 3) or stop talking altogether.

"With that letter, I realized that we're dealing with someone who is stalling indefinitely, and doesn't have a plan or an intention to return. His idea of compromise is "give me everything I want," and the only negotiating he's doing is through the media.

"Enough is enough." "The people of Wisconsin elected us to do a job. They elected us to stand up to the broken status quo, stop the constant expansion of government, balance the budget, create jobs and improve the economy. The longer the Democrats keep up this childish stunt, the longer the majority can't act on our agenda.

"Tonight, the Senate will be passing the items in the budget repair bill that we can, with the 19 members who actually DO show up and do their jobs. Those items include the long-overdue reform of collective bargaining needed to help local governments absorb these budget cuts, and the 12 percent health care premium and 5 percent pension contribution.

"We have confirmed with the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the Legislative Council and the Legislative Reference Bureau that every item in tonight's bill follows the letter of the law.

"The people of Wisconsin elected us to come to Madison and do a job. Just because the Senate Democrats won't do theirs, doesn't mean we won't do ours."

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