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Losing his base....

Posting diverse opinions can encourage thoughtful debate.....

Looks like the empty-suit-in-residence at the White House is losing his base...rapidly.

To Mr. Robintte, I say, " What took you so long??" - Most of us saw this coming more than four years ago when we recognized that a Community Organizer from Chicago was NOT the person the country needed as a Senator from Illinois, let alone the Chief Executive for our Nation.....Now, we need to find a suitable replacement, and that is also becoming a difficult task.

We need true leadership and we need it yesterday.

Posted: Monday, 14 March 2011 10:55AM

“Pres. Obama, I too am exhausted defending you.”
Garland Robinette Reporting - 870am, 105.3fm,

“President Obama, quite frankly, I’m exhausted defending you. Mr. President, is this my new reality?”

Those words were spoken to President Obama on September 20th, 2010 during a town hall meeting in Washington. The speaker identified herself as a CFO of a large national organization, a mother, a wife, and an American veteran.

Mr. President, I'm Garland too. I’m totally exhausted. I'm one of the few (possibly the only) radio talk show hosts in the south who admits that I like and admire you. I've liked and disliked all of our Presidents for various reasons. I've admired your intelligence, calm and reasoned communication skills. Some of your programs I like a lot, parts of others still work for me, and others I find much to disagree with. I'm one of the few remaining "journalists" who really does try to see all sides. I don't join “fear clubs” (Republicans and Democrats.) I don't need to be told what to think and how to vote. I think you need people like me, but for me it's too can put me in the “minus one” category. Aside from being exhausted defending you, I'm now doubting my daughter and wife's security…their future in this country. Your energy policies are incredibly contradictory, uneducated, and extremely dangerous. Either you are not the Harvard-backed brain I thought you were, or you're getting unbelievably bad information from your advisors.

What finally knocked me out of your camp was your speech last Friday…the one about energy. Let's break it down into specifics.

1. You admitted that oil and gas prices affect everybody, "For Americans already facing a tough time it's an added burden." You emphasized the middle class.

Question: If a lack of it (oil) is an "added burden for Americans facing tough times,” why don't we go everywhere that we can to find it? I wrote a blog yesterday about you and T-Boone Pickens (famous oil man) saying "we can't drill our way out of this problem" (lack of energy). I think the blog pointed out the lunacy of that statement. Switch that belief to food. Use the hypothetical of a looming food shortage. Use corn as the oil analogy. It’s finite; we have to use it as bio-fuel. We can't "corn raise" our way out of the problem? So we quit growing more corn, because it will one day run out as a food source? We don't continue eating and growing more of it as a bridge while we're using science and research to find a substitute? I know you don't agree, but this makes me look at a Harvard graduate and say…contradictory, uneducated and increasingly dangerous.

2. You said, "Now the hard truth is, that as long as our economy depends on foreign oil we’re subject to price spikes.” Let me be more specific. First we need to continue to boost domestic production of oil."

Question: The figures I read say 86 billion barrels offshore in the Outer Continental Shelf, 10 billion barrels in the Arctic and 800 billion barrels in oil shale in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and even more in Canada. These holdings are reportedly three times larger than Saudi Arabia reserves. Mr. President, have your energy advisors told you we are swimming in low cost, high quality fuel in Cushing, Oklahoma? Cushing is a main trading hub for oil. But there is a problem; we can't get any of that cheaper oil here in the south and much of the east. We have to buy expensive oil from other parts of the world. Why? I'm sure your experts told you Cushing doesn't have enough pipelines coming to us or the east, and there’s so much oil that America doesn’t have enough trains and tankers to get it to us. So, again the question…you said, "First we need to continue to boost domestic production of oil"...but not with any of the above current availabilities? Feeling my exhaustion?

3. You said, "Our oil production reached its highest level in 7 years. Oil production from the Gulf and Mexico reached an all-time high. We've approved more than 35 new offshore drilling permits."

Question: But it takes 7-10 years to gear up to bring oil to the surface after it's found, so other administrations are responsible for the additional oil, not yours. In particular, the new technology that takes out oil shale in the Dakotas. The Energy Information Administration (you know the one under your Department of Energy) projects there will be a decline in production of 220,000 barrels of domestic oil per day this year. The EIA says the number is 150 million fewer barrels in the Gulf of Mexico. Seven major rigs have left the Gulf to sign multi-year contracts in other countries. Do you just not know this? Do you think just because the media is a sad pile reflected conservative and liberal dogma that no one fact checks anymore? All time high Gulf oil production? Here are numbers I've found. 55 rigs in the Gulf drilling four days before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. May 2010, your six month moratorium was announced, then there were 46. Last week (3-11-11) the count was 25. Here comes that exhaustion again.

4. You've "directed the Department of the Interior to determine (in two weeks) why the oil companies aren't developing federal leases they currently hold.”

Question: How can I find these answers? Your experts apparently don't know why…and now only have two weeks to find out. Let's see, well…oil companies won't drill unless there is oil under the lease. Not all have oil. To find out if one does, it takes years of geological surveying, testing, and many, many, many of your environmental studies before drilling can even years. Plus, after spending tens of millions of dollars and finding oil, they need to lease not just the spot where they drill, but tens of thousands of surrounding acres. If oil companies don't lease the land, competitors could simply drill nearby without spending millions and suck out the other guys oil just like a straw in a milk-shake. So what company would be so stupid as to not buy the surrounding leases that they’re not going to drill on? Surely, President Obama you must have someone who tells you this? Does anybody understand my exhaustion with this? Oops, almost forgot, as of June 2008 The New York Times reported that "almost 100 percent of the oil companies are constrained in their investment program, because there are no rigs available.”

5. "We're taking steps that will enable us to gather data on potential gas and oil resources of the mid-and south Atlantic". #^$%#&WAIT-WAIT-WAIT!!

Question: What? Where did that come from, Mr. President? You couldn't have gotten permission from Robert Kennedy Jr., or Al Gore, or John Kerry, Greenpeace…they're all too busy fighting windmills off the east coast (see Sunday edition New York Times -- "NOT IN MY LIBERAL BACKYARD.” They’re referring to any alternative energy…oil drilling would be obviously out of the question. You couldn't have meant any other east coast state, they’re all against oil exploration. But I'm sure you heard...didn't you?

6. "We're looking at potential new development in Alaska both onshore and offshore.” #(_#&@#*#)#*$-WAIT-WAIT-WAIT!!!

Question: You are, Mr. President? Since when? But you said there was barely enough there to sustain a 3 to 5 years supply, so why muck up the moose trails? You said we're not going to drill our way out of this problem?

7. "We're working to diversify our entire portfolio with historic developments in clean energy. I set a goal for 80% clean energy by 2035, with wind, solar, natural gas, clean coal, and gas and nuclear power.” LOL nuclear power. LOL. NYMBY. Japan…the best device-quake proof plants ever? Raise your hand if you want one in your backyard. If you don't believe that industry is dead, simply google “geothermal plays in San Francisco, cause earthquakes, efforts abandoned.” Then google “geothermal plays in Switzerland (check this Ambian) caused earthquakes and the process was shutdown. “ Google “multi-earthquakes in Arkansas caused by natural gas drilling.” Read all about earthquake fears along the Mississippi river.

Question: Actually not a question…just a low moan like the Titanic in the movie (on the way down). This is where I pass out because I fear you're getting dizzy. Have you even introduced yourself to your head of the department of energy, Steven Chu? He got a big old Nobel Prize on his mantel for his work in physics, biology, and alternative energy…little old schools like Stanford, Lawrence Berkley National labs, and Bell Labs. He must not have seen you mention in your SOTU speech about a certain professor at Cal-Tech and others at Stanford who have mastered the art of photosynthesis to the power of the sun times ten. But Mr. Chu must know that Professor Nathan Lewis agrees that we have the capability to meet the President's goal, we just have no way to implement that capability. Whadayasay we look at the alternatives?

8. Mr. President, you said, "We’ve got to make sure we have sufficient supplies, an example would be during Hurricane Katrina when you've got a whole bunch of refineries that have been impacted all along the Gulf."

Question: Sufficient supplies? Right. You do know we haven't built a refinery in this country in over 30 years, right? So, how do you maintain our supplies during a category 5 hurricane, when you have no alternative refineries? The polls should have educated you a long time ago; the country doesn't like or believe in “Big Oil” and often scream NRIMBY (no refineries in my back yard).

9. Mr. President, you even admit that China, India, and Brazil will need more oil as their economies improve. Have your advisors given you the numbers? Try 22 billion new barrels per day. The world consumes 85-86 billion per day. The oil industry has never produced more than 88 million barrels a day. Out of that 88, the U.S. is demanding 20 million barrels a day. Can you tell me again, why we wouldn't drill for every little drop of oil in this country? Plus, do you really think everything will go back to the "quiet ole days" in the Middle East?

10. Mr. President, you even admitted, "In fact, a lot of folks who are having the toughest times, who are either unemployed or have low-wage jobs, they're the ones that are most severely affected because they're using a higher portion of their income just to fill up their tanks.”

Question: Isn’t that every reason to drill everything we can find, until we find the magic elixir to replace oil?

And, one final question, Mr. President: For those west and east coast communities who don't want oil drilling…can we arrange a legal agreement by which they vote NOT to use any more gas than they do at this time? You know, like a rationing card? It's what they say they want? We take all the risks here on the Gulf Coast, yet receive virtually no royalties. Isn't it only fair that we not send them what they don't want? We're getting a little tired of their lack and knowledge or hypocrisy; they seem to reflect the same in you.

It’s really exhausting…

(and it has been so for most Americans for the better part of the last two years.)

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