Friday, June 3, 2011


This guy needs a serious case of "MAN UP"...

And he thinks he's going to be President????

Dude....turn in your " Man Cred" just forfieted any hope that you will be taken seriously among real men.

So how is a US MARINE or a NAVY SEAL going to take that this guy who wants to be President likes to read the TWILIGHT SERIES ??

Mitt Romney Is a Teenage Girl - NY Magazine

Many people wonder whether Americans will be comfortable voting for Mitt Romney despite his Mormon faith. Perhaps a more pertinent question is whether they will be comfortable voting for him knowing that he is actually a teenage girl.

"I like the Twilight series," Romney told the Today show in a discussion of the books he reads. "I thought that was fun."

If Romney were to win in 2012, he would be the first teenage girl in American history to serve as president. [Today/NBC]

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