Monday, June 13, 2011

British Paratroopers raise money to bring home their K-9 friend PHOS - “Walkies’ to him is going out on patrol and we’ve grown very fond of him.”

British Paratroopers are trying to bring home their friend " PHOS " who adopted them as much as they adopted him....They are utlizing online fundraising as a way of getting the word out to as many others as possible....."Awesome use of the technology Dude.."

Bring the Pup home.....he's a good dog. I salute our British Allies and all their efforts....Brilliant. Good show.

Soldier seeks help to rescue dog from Afghanistan

by Ian Bunting, Airdrie & Coatbridge
Garry McMahon -

AN Airdrie soldier serving in Afghanistan is asking for help to rescue a dog from the war-torn country.

Garry McMahon (29), from Porters Lane in Chapelhall, and his team need to raise £5000 to bring Phos the dog back home with them.

Garry is a Sergeant in the Machine Gun Platoon of 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment and serving on a third tour of Afghanistan.

Soldiers rescued Phos and five other puppies when they were very young and had been abandoned by their mother.

The puppies were meant to be sent away to be put to sleep as no-one could look after them.

The soldiers switched the box with the puppies in it and sent the six dogs out to different check points as pets.

Garry said: “We have raised Phos since he was six-weeks-old and he has been a part of our team ever since.

“Walkies’ to him is going out on patrol and we’ve grown very fond of him.”

The problem for Garry, his team and Phos is that when they return home the next unit have already said they have a ‘no pet’ policy.

Garry said: “We don’t want to give Phos back to the locals as they will just cut his ears and tail off to use him for fighting purposes.

“All of the team think Phos has a right to come home with us but we need to raise the money to let this happen.”

The team are trying to raise the £5000 required through the charity Nowzad, set up to relieve the suffering of animals.

They have raised £2177 so far but are seeking the public’s help to reach their final target.

Garry said: “Any help from anyone reading this would be highly appreciated and will allow Phos to live a safer life than he would here.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the cause can do so by visiting

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