Wednesday, June 29, 2011

QUOTES & NOTES from the 2012 campaign trail....Heaven Help us....

QUOTES AND NOTES from the 2012 Presidential Campaign Trail....

I wanted to share the enclosed as I thought it would be nice to see what people are saying out there on the campaign trail....and I'll interject some commentary after each quote - The opinions expressed here are mine and based solely on trying to interject some "common sense" into what these idjits are saying...

I know you have been seeing a lot of politicians around lately. Something tells me that you may see a few more before February is over. But Iowa, you and I, we go a long way back," Obama told workers at an Alcoa factory here.

Obama reminded the state that it helped make him President. "So we've got some history together, and together we're going to make some more history for years to come," he said.

YEAH, THANKS FOR NOTHING IOWA...." - Hopefully, Iowa will be on the list of places where the President will see that after 2 1/2 years, people are pretty tired of listening to his lies.

"We cannot afford four more years of millions of Americans who are out of work and are not making enough in wages to support a family ... We cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama," Michele Bachmann, a conservative member of the House of Representatives said in Iowa on Monday. - Yes, thank you Rep. Bachmann....please make sure you check on the facts around any future statements you make as you need another gaffed-up speech like we need 4 more years of President Doofus. We need less gaffes, not more.

"Oh, Iowa matters, every state in the union, of course, always matters," she said in an interview with Iowa Tea Party Chairman Ryan Rhodes. "Iowa matters because people are really tuned in here to what is necessary (and) … what is needed to do to grow a smaller, smarter government." Sarah Palin - That was "Palinese" for still playing hard to get.....get back to us when you have some idea what you are talking about as we have no real idea what you are speaking about either.

Gov. Chris Christie told CNN recently that he's "100% sure" that he doesn't want to run for president next year and even said "forget it" Sunday on NBC to the idea of being the vice presidential pick for the GOP nominee.- We understand why Gov. Christie wants to focus on NJ first and will look at national office later...we'll wait. He looks like he is worth waiting for.

"These things happen over and over. They fascinate the media. They have no long term historic meaning. Either there will be a message that resonates with 14 million unemployed. There will be a message that resonates when one out of every four houses is worth less than its mortgage. There will be a message that resonates when there are three wars and no strategic coherence in the administration, or there won't be. If there is, I'll be a contender in January." Newt Ginrich - Newt, Newt, and the Mrs. must have really been hitting the Ouzo out there in the Greek Isles as you still sound/act like you are so drunk you actually believe that you have a snowballs chance in HELL of getting elected anything, let alone President.

And finally, we have the "SLICK MITT ROMNEY UPDATE"....seems like "buying" the GOP nomination ain't enough for Slick Mitt, he wants to GIN UP the primaries in his favor, even if that costs the people extra money as, " Why not, isn't that what taxes are for ??"

What a piece of work.....Please MITT, just go away and take your desperate, pandering attitude with you.

Moving the UTAH primary to the second Tuesday in March from June could help Mr. Romney—who has strong ties to the state—by giving him a victory early in the Republican nominating process. But changing the date would mean holding the presidential primary separately from previously scheduled primaries for other offices, and the shift would require approval by the Legislature and the governor.

Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, who runs state elections, said an aide to Mr. Romney called him in April to pitch the idea of moving the primary, which Mr. Bell said he supported anyway. The aide told Mr. Bell an earlier primary would benefit everyone, including the people of Utah and Mr. Romney, a spokesman for Mr. Bell said. .....UTAH lawmakers will decide if the expense is warranted.

Yeah, it's only the people's money.....what does it matter if it is wasted so SLICK MITT can game the system. What a feckless, self centered POL.

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