Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Things You See in Kandahar....Part Deux

I posted about the odd things one comes acorss in the war zone, especially in a place as whacky as Kandahar Air Field or more commonly known as "KAF" - I wrote a piece about it here at the following link:

Well we got a whole new version of " The Things You See In Kandahar " courtesy of a friend who is working there. A good friend tells me that the operator of the CONEKAF Ice Cream Truck makes about $4K a week pedaling soft serve ice cream to the denizens of KAF....not bad coin for the effort....

As I am at Bagram Air Field (also known as BAF), I can tell you that we don't have as much "whackiness" here....only the occasional sight such as the one enclosed below...go figure

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