Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leading from the front...

We judge LEADERS by the example they set. By demonstrating that they also have "skin in the game", we see that they too are willing to place themselves out front and at risk. It is the mark of excellence in Leadership.

Look closely at our present Leaders. Senator John McCain set the standard as he is a highly decorated Veteran and paid a high price for the freedoms we enjoy. The present "Empty Suit" who occupies the center seat at the White House, not so much....He likely saw that as beneath his personal status....He has demonstrated that he holds contempt for the military, only expressing feigning support once he got elected, and only because it is one of his duties as President. Slick Mitt Romney also has no military background nor does any of his 4 wasn't the work they were prepared to take on as that was something the poor people do...

Now let's look across the pond to our ally the British....Prince Harry will be serving a 2nd tour in Afghanistan. Last time he was on the ground with the British contingent at FOB Dehli. I've been there briefly as I flew around southern Helmand Province and it was not a place I wanted to stay long. FOB Dehli was listed as " RED " by our security which meant it was HOT, and I'm not speaking about the ambient air temperture. It was rated as unsafe and likely to be subject to regular attacks.

Now, Prince Harry will be going back as a Apache Helicopter Pilot. Good Show them how it's done. The British have my keen admiration as they are not afraid to put their Leaders out on the front line as that is where they belong. Leading from the front.....Brilliant.

Good show young Prince. Show us how it is done. We are glad to call the British our best friends, regardless of what the feckless idiot in charge in Washington says. The British are leading by example and those who truly understand LEADERSHIP appreciate the efforts of Prince Harry here in Afghanistan. He understands the key principle of " Leadership by example".

Prince Harry’s Apache war on the Taliban
He's cleared to fight in chopper By DUNCAN LARCOMBE Royal Editor, and RICHARD WHITE
16 Jun 2011 - UK SUN

PRINCE Harry is going back to war in Afghanistan as an Apache attack helicopter pilot, The Sun can reveal.

Defence chiefs and the Queen have given the go-ahead for Harry, a qualified Apache flier, to fulfil his dream of returning to battle the Taliban.

The 26-year-old Prince - known as Captain Wales by the military - will unleash Hellfire missiles at the Taliban when he returns.

Once he finishes final battle and weapons training, Harry will be at the controls of the world's most sophisticated attack helicopter.

His main tasks will be to provide air cover for ground troops and to seek and destroy Taliban positions.

Harry, a qualified Apache pilot attached to the Army Air Corps, will have the chopper's awesome armour-piercing cannon at his disposal along with the dreaded Hellfires.

But he could find himself taking on Taliban fighters alone if his £46million craft is shot down or crashes.

As third in line to the throne and a "high value target," insurgents would be desperate to capture him.

On every mission he will be armed with a pistol and SA80 assault rifle as well as field dressings, morphine and emergency rations to give him the best chance of survival.

But an Army Air Corps source said: "Harry will face extreme dangers. Should his Apache malfunction and be forced down the tables are seriously turned.

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