Friday, June 17, 2011

Pentagon wants to 'extend' Afghanistan surge...Guess the LIBERAL Media / NY TIMES got that one wrong

A few days ago, I posted about the inevitability of the US and Afghan governments discussing the extended stay for US military here in Afghanistan for the forseeable future....

Take a read here :

Well now, despite what the NY TIMES and many other Liberal members of the press have been trumpeting/writing about this week, here is the " other shoe " hitting the floor. Last week they promoted several stories talking about the Administration looking over "accelerated" withdrawl plans....sounds like they were manufacturing the news again...something they do on a regular basis.

The US Military has recognized the need to maintain the pressure on the Taliban and others here who would like nothing more than EXACTLY what the NY TIMES wants - For the US Military to "cut & run" so the Taliban can go back to running Afghanistan.

The professionals we entrust with the defense of the country aren't hung up with polling, politics, the 2012 election cycle and the other games that go on in Washington. They are focused on what it will take to see the mission through.

So here is the real deal. This ain't finished and it will take longer than the "Empty Suit " promised the country when he made the intitial plan. Sorry if that messes up your polling, election plans, fund raising in California, or other areas where people don't realy know anyone who serves in the military....ya know, that stuff is for the poor people to handle, not the sons or daughters of the elite.....On the GOP side, SLICK MITT ROMNEY has never served, nor any of his grown children...he'll try to make sure whatever tripe he puts out about Afghanistan matches the latest polls....not reality.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is a " You can pay me now, or you can pay me later " issue. We either stay on track and fix this now, or we " cut & run ' and will face larger issues no one wants to think about, like the TALIBAN running Afghanistan again.

Pentagon wants to 'extend' Afghanistan surge
(AFP) – 6 hours ago

WASHINGTON — The US military is asking President Barack Obama to maintain its troop surge in Afghanistan until the fall of 2012, a month before a scheduled withdrawal, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The timeline would mean the president could promise large troop reductions to a war-weary public just ahead of the November 2012 presidential elections in which he seeks a second term, but military officials told the Journal that the electoral schedule had nothing to do with their proposal.

Instead, they said they were focusing on placing as much pressure as possible on the Taliban and the violent eastern provinces bordering Pakistan, especially during the next two warm-weather fighting seasons, usually the period of heaviest fighting from militants.

Obama ordered the 33,000 extra forces in December 2009 to throw a wrench in an emboldened Taliban's momentum, bringing the total deployed to 100,000. The United States plans on leaving only a "small fraction" of the overall forces after December 2014, when security will be handed over to the Afghans.

He promised to begin withdrawing troops this July but the White House has yet to say how many troops it will be pulling out or when, insisting such decisions will be based on conditions on the ground, where troops have been battling the Taliban for nearly a decade.

Military and Obama administration officials told the Journal that it was unclear whether the president would follow the military's recommendation and change his withdrawal plans.

A senior US official favoring a slow drawdown said Obama's decision on a timeline to complete the withdrawal of the surge troops remaining in Afghanistan was far more important than that about the initial drawdown next month.

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