Monday, June 20, 2011

President Clueless and First Lady "Michelle modern-day Marie Antoinette" continue to muck it up.....with our $$$ and future on the line

The Media is all in a tizzy as President Clueless is going to make his announcement of what his decision will be regarding troop levels in Afghanistan.

With a full understanding that popularity polls are against continuation of the troop levels we presently maintain, when did we decide that critical national defense decisions are made by polling ? Did Churchill, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower or Kennedy make key decisions based on polls?? NO - they listened to the military experts and made decisions on what was BEST, not what would make sure they got re-elected.

The issue with Afghanistan still comes back to a "You can pay me now or pay me later" issue. The Liberal media tried this same arguement with IRAQ - too expensive, unwinable, etc. etc - They were wrong then and they are wrong now. We are invested and we need to follow the mission through to completion not look for the fast & cheap way out....haste make waste, but then again, common sense was never a virtue in the present adminstration.

The feckless idiot we have in the White House presently cares about only one thing - HIMSELF. How it effects HIM. He could give a crap less about the military and his track record shows that....Wednesday we will get to see what the empty suit says....I'm not holding my breath as the key issue will be how many times he uses the word " I " in his statement because as far as he's concerned, it has always been all about himself....think about it, the fool has written TWO Autobiographies. That speaks volumes....

And secondly, we have First Lady " Michelle Modern-Day Marie Antoinette" jetting off to Africa with her Mom, daughters and a few other friends in tow....more "Official Travel" when in reality, she's just making sure she finds more creative ways to spend our money....The article enclosed shows how clueless she is as she has pretty much mucked it up as First Lady....again, another prime example of it being " all about me".....What a clueless pair.

All I can hope is that the American people wake up and elect someone brighter than the dim-bulb & his "Mrs. Spends-alot" we have in the White House presently.

Michelle Obama heads to Africa, stirs criticism
By Rachel Rose Hartman - Yahoo News

First Lady Michelle Obama embarks today on a weeklong trip to Africa to spread goodwill. But the trip is already stirring criticism, making it just the latest travel choice by the First Lady to draw some negative press for the White House.

The aim of Obama's tour, which will take her to South Africa and Botswana, is to engage with young people--especially girls and women--who play prominent roles in academic life and civic leadership, while also furthering awareness on health and wellness issues.

But, as Washington Post writer Krissah Thompson notes, the trip is already provoking disappointment from Africa advocates who argue that President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, hasn't devoted enough time to the continent since winning the presidency. Mwiza Munthali, public outreach director of TransAfrica Forum, argues that U.S. officials "are not seeing Africa as a big priority. There has been some ambivalence." The president has made just one trip to sub-Saharan Africa since his Jan. 2009 inauguration and has chosen not to accompany his wife on her journey.

This isn't the first time the First Lady has come under fire for travel plans. Below we review some of Michelle Obama's past controversies around trips:

• The glitzy Spanish getaway: The First Lady raised eyebrows last August when she decided to jaunt off to Spain, commanding top-dollar luxury accommodations in the middle of a recession. The New York Daily News called her "a modern-day Marie Antoinette."

• The greeting leaders with creative diplomacy in England, Indonesia: The ever-delicate question of international etiquette has made trouble for the First Lady on a couple of foreign trips. In April 2009, she broke royal protocol and hugged Queen Elizabeth, causing a major stir in England and elsewhere. Then in Indonesia last November, Michelle Obama shook the hand of a conservative Muslim minister, a form of social contact between the sexes that violated his religious vows. He blamed the First Lady for the violation.

• The visit to immigration-complicated Mexico: Critics accused the First Lady of organizing a frivolous trip to Mexico in April 2010 with Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden. While that trip, too, was aimed primarily on establishing contact with younger civic leaders, some detractors called out the First Lady for taking time to travel to a country that's long been a flashpoint in U.S. immigration policy. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, for instance, argued that the trip was little more than an effort to promote "illegal alien shamnesty."

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