Monday, April 4, 2011

Family of a US Marine makes sure people remember their fallen Hero...via a Bill Board

A good story and one family's way of dealing with the loss of their Marine.....SEMPER FI !!!

Family of marine killed in Afghanistan launch billboard tribute to their fallen hero
4th April 2011

The family and widow of a fallen U.S. marine in western New York have helped launch a larger-than-life tribute to their deceased hero on the anniversary of his death in Afghanistan – a massive rotating digital billboard displayed on the Interstate highway.

Marine Sergeant Frank World died one year ago today, falling victim to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. The solider was never able to meet his daughter Lilly, who is now 14-months-old.

His family are marking their tragic loss one year later with the dual images which they say not only reflect that Frank World was a family man, but serve as a reminder that real human lives are being lost in U.S. military operations overseas.

'It does give a powerful message to the community that there is a war, and lives are being lost,' Sergeant World's sister Candy World-Rodriguez said.

The digital billboard, which is on display off a heavily trafficked highway near several outlet shops in Niagara, New York, rotates two images of Sergeant World. One is an image of the fallen soldier with his son Jacob, who is now 4-years-old, while the other image displays a tender moment between Beth and Frank World.

‘I'm very proud that my husband is going to be up on a billboard, and this community will be able to recognize that people are dying over there,’ Beth World said.

She began steps toward launching the billboard when she discovered a group called ‘Operation Never Forgotten.’ The organisation is a volunteer national non-profit communications service which looks to connect the U.S. military and civilian worlds via public service announcements.

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