Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2012 Elections....How all politics is really local

The Obama Adminstration announced their re-election effort was officially underway yesterday...on the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King....nice idea.....I feel that political empty suits use MLK as a political prop for their own self serving interests....POTUS has done so by yesterday's actions......sad.

2012 Election will be a defining moment as the past two years of POTUS' administration have been a serious example of why we should never elect a untested and under qualified community organizer. Obama has be inept, clueless and has made us look foolish on the world stage. He doesn't deserve reelection and we need to find a President that will stand up for the people and make sure that good decisions are made on what is best, not politically expedient.

Now, the other side has issues that will require a candidate that will not be so dogmatic and lock-stepped to the GOP's hard right, they will drive people away.....A candidate that will unseat the President will need to show that he/she can support "the middle" - those of us who are not in either camp but independent.

The challenges are tall - Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan's Tsunami & Radiation, the economy, deficiet, terrorism, entitlements, defense & security, etc. etc. Many have lost hope, something the knucklehead in charge ran on....Issues have gotten worse BUT unless the opposition comes up with a viable candidate who doesn't drive people away, the President will gain a 2nd term by default, not because he has earned it.

We need to do better as the future for our children and our children will be tougher....this is not what we were to leave them.....The choice is ours....Our choice will make that future better or worse........

Getting to the local side of this, my hometown had local elections this weekend and they threw the two incumbents out because they were ineffective....I see that presently in the President but who will be the choice we are offered in his stead???

Choices - Choices are ours and let's hope we get a choice we can follow to a better place than we are now....

It comes back to a famous quote, " Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago??" - If the answer is NO, than the guy in the Oval Office needs to go.....Right now, that seems the way it will be BUT again, what will be the alternative???

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