Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stops along the way...

The post I added about getting to Bagram, I neglected to include our stop-over from Qatar to Baghdad International Airport enroute to Bagram...The USAF C-17 had to pick-up cargo there to take along with us to Bagram.

I was stationed there at BIAP for about two weeks while on active duty in 2004.

The Hangar building where I worked/lived/dodged fire was about 300 yards away from where our plane stopped. We had to disembark while they reconfigured the cargo and it was the strangest feeling to be right there where I was stationed back in late 2004. This time it was very peaceful and that alone was weird...The Main Terminal across the way has been rebuilt as the last time I saw it was bombed out and burnt.

I wasn't able to take a picture as it is on the flightline....But I will remember being right back there for the second time, remembering when that place was the Wild West......I never expected to see it again but chance takes us to places we can never imagine seeing again.

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