Sunday, April 3, 2011

MIDDLEBORO VOTES FOR CHANGE - Allin Frawley & Ben Quelle are elected to the Board of Selectmen

Last August, I wrote a piece about how the Town of Middleboro, MA had some pretty poor leadership in our local Selectmen...the post is here.

Well the Voters decided that " politics as usual" was NOT what they wanted....Selectmen Marsha Brunelle and Muriel "Mimi" Duphily were shown the door as newcomers Allin Frawley and Ben Quelle handily defeated them in town elections Saturday by a margin of 3 to 1 - That's a real arse kicking in local elections where people get to know you well.

For too long, the " That's the way it's always been" crowd have been in charge and now we will have some new leadership. Marsha & Mimi were the poster children for the old way of doing business in town. I spoke with both Allin & Ben and they are committed to change....they understand that Towns like Middleboro have to be run like a business not like the Taxpayer is an unending source of $$$ for waste and entitlements for town employees.

In the Navy, a job well done is signified by the term, BRAVO ZULU or BZ... BRAVO ZULU to Allin & Ben for running good campaigns. You have done well.

Now the real tough work begins....Taking on the town employees who are dedicated to taking as much as possible from the taxpayers and getting rid of the "entitlement mentality" that is too much part of public sector employment. While not all are of that mind, too many have seen the town government as their private piggy bank...Change is needed and long overdue.

Tip O'Neill said " All Politics is local "....never more true than here in Middleboro, MA.

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