Friday, April 22, 2011

A Fear of Heights?? Not likely but maybe a lack of common sense

Here in the mountains of AFGHN, one looks at the Mountains in awe of what it would take to reach their peaks (and not get your Arse shot up by doing so)

Back home, a few daredevils take on Yosemite and show that they are either lacking a fear of heights or maybe a dose of common sense....YIKES!

Don't look down! Breathtaking images of fearless climbers scaling the heights of Yosemite without any safety ropes
By Paul Bentley - UK Daily Mail

In the enclosed picture, Alex Honnold scales the side of Half Dome - a route he first conquered aged 23.

The shot was taken for National Geographic by photographer and experienced climber Jimmy Chin.

Mr Chin, who has climbed the Yosemite rock formations for 15 years, said: 'We've had some pretty epic days. Yosemite is the epicentre of climbing. A lot of the greatest climbing feats in history have happened here - and they are happening right now.
'I started climbing here 15 years ago... It is really special for me to come back here and shoot with my peers.

'Climbers don't perform in an arena or a stadium. They don't have stands full of fans watching them. Really I see my job as being able to tell that story

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