Sunday, April 24, 2011

" It looks a lot better now..." BOSTON RED SOX are out of the cellar

I Concur, it does look a lot better now......GO RED SOX !!!

From the Boston Globe's "Extra Bases" Blog by Peter Abraham :

" The Sox were 2-9 at the time he was skipped and feelings could not be an issue. Their starters have been lights-out since (7-1, 0.88) with Lackey pitching two of those games.

The Sox have won eight of nine and at 10-11 are heading in the right direction.

“We dug ourselves a hole. Now we’re trying to dig out of it, Francona said. “It’s kind of like a hitter with a low batting average but feels good about himself. We’re starting to do some things better.”

As Lackey rebounds, Carl Crawford is 7 for 27 (.259) with three extra-base hits and five RBIs in his last seven games. He belted his first Red Sox homer today. Adrian Gonzalez is starting to heat up, too.

"We were fine when we were 2-10," Dustin Pedroia said. "But it looked bad. It looks a lot better now."

I agree with Dustin.


Arth Mawr said...

Greetings and commiserations from Tampa Bay! And my wife's from New England BTW. Now you know the tactics behind trading Carl Crawford to youse guys!

Middleboro Jones said...

We should have stayed in the cellar....ugh.

All I can say is " Go Patriots ! Go Bruins ! "

We are still a city of Champions !

Red Sox....until next year .......