Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taliban Bastards use children to test weapons in Afghanistan

Here, on the ground in Afghanistan, things are much clearer than you can imagine. You see the reality of what the conflict here means to those it impacts the most, the citizens of Afghanistan and the military that is trying to defend them from the terrorists.

The Taliban are butchers, ruthless and soulless. They try to say they are fighting in the name of their faith but they are liars. The use of children as pawns in the fight is the sign of shallow, depraved and godless criminals. They are not the representatives of the people of Afghanistan and should not be granted any place in the outcome of Afghanistan. I ask you to read what is written below by Micheal Yon. If it doesn't fill you with disgust and revulsion, then I am concerned about what would convince you that the Taliban are no better than the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge or any other group that murders innocent children to incite terror.

Taliban Attacking More Children
26 July 2011
Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
Micheal Yon -

Over the past several days there have been news stories here in Afghanistan about the Taliban strangling an 8-year-old boy. The reports say that his father refused to turn over a police vehicle to the enemy, and so they murdered his son.

Late last night, a courageous Afghan journalist named Mustafa Kazemi emailed an image of the boy that Mustafa said had been murdered. Afghans are enraged. They hate this behavior as much as we do. The boy appears to have had his eyes gouged out before being strangled to death. This image is graphic.

And so last night I walked to the Headquarters of 4-4CAV here in Zhari District, the most active district in Afghanistan at this time. I asked what was going on tonight. A noncommissioned officer filled me in on the day’s events. We had been in a minor ambush resulting in a slight injury and a damaged MRAP, so I knew about that one. But then he explained about a boy whom he said the Taliban forced to step on an IED just down the road from here. Apparently, according to Afghans, the Taliban may have been testing a new bomb made from a soda bottle. The boy’s name is Jalil, and our people estimate that Jalil is 6 to 8-years-old. Jalil was picking grapes with his brother when the Taliban, according to reporting, told the boy to step on the bomb. It blew off his right leg below the knee, leaving hamburger on the stump, and fractured his femur. Afghans brought Jalil to the nearby American base called COP Kolk, where 4-4CAV Soldiers treated him. A helicopter took Jalil and his father to Kandahar Airfield for advanced treatment.

I asked the Taliban spokesman for his take on this, and he emailed back that “It is enemy propaganda.” The evidence is against him.

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