Friday, July 15, 2011


We have suffered for the last 2 1/2 years under a socially awkward idiot who sat in the White House and said things like, " They talk about me like a dog..", " I need to know whose ass to kick.", " Time to eat your peas..." and about a 100 other equally moronic statements that have come from this Harvard educated fool...

What we REALLY don't need is another one....The GOP has to stop trying to prop up SLICK MITT Romney as he comes off just as foolish and clueless as Obama. Neither of them should be in the Oval Office and neither of them have the right LEADERSHIP to be COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF as both of them have ZERO experience in the military.

Stop the madness and let's get a genuine LEADER in the Oval Office.....enough with propping up these " empty suits ' just because they can raise a $100 Million dollars from other clueless fools who give them the money to buy access. The United States needs LEADERSHIP, not the feckless hucksters like Romney and/or Obama. Really.

Mitt Romney’s on red-faced run
By Dave Wedge and Katy Jordan - Boston Herald
Friday, July 15, 2011

He’s admired for his perfect hair and polished style. It’s when Mitt Romney tries to be a regular guy that he runs into trouble.

The former Bay State governor and multimillionaire has made a string of quirky campaign missteps that have pundits questioning his ability to relate to the common voter. Some have even dubbed him an “awkward” candidate struggling with an identity crisis as his latest bid for the Oval Office kicks into high gear.

From pretending a waitress pinched his behind in New Hampshire, to cracking jokes about being “unemployed,” to pulling out a $100 bill in a Colorado restaurant, Romney has raised eyebrows with a series of stumbles as he stumps in the harsh glare of the national spotlight.

“I think more is expected of Romney because he’s done this once before,” said Carrie Giddins, a politics professor at George Washington University. “Romney’s struggle has been to be relatable. He’s trying to be the guy you can go have a beer with, but he’s struggled and been unable to get over those awkward moments.”

The media hasn’t been kind. The Wall Street Journal recently referred to his “aw shucks, cornball humor,” and the Washington Post wrote of his “weirdness,” describing his demeanor as “equal parts ‘Leave It to Beaver’ corniness and social awkwardness.”

In New Hampshire yesterday, Romney declined to acknowledge any recent missteps, smiling and shutting his car door, saying “Thanks guys!” when a reporter asked about his campaign trail foibles.
Some pundits said the criticism has increased because Romney leads most polls for the GOP presidential nomination.

“What’s really happening is the scrutiny is getting more intense on Mitt because he’s clearly the front-runner,” said Republican consultant Rick Wilson. “He’s the guy that seems to perform best against Obama.”

“His every move is being watched,” Giddins added.

Indeed, Romney has come under fire on a nearly daily basis from national Democrats as well as in New Hampshire, where the former governor has long had a summer home.

“He’s trying to pitch himself as something he’s clearly not,” said Holly Shulman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “Mitt Romney’s awkwardness on the campaign trail is perhaps not just because he fails to connect with voters and what they are going through in their daily lives, but because he knows deep down that what he is selling about his record on jobs and the economy just isn’t true.”

In Portsmouth, N.H., yesterday, Romney riffed off President Obama’s deficit-cutting admonishment last week that Americans must “eat our peas.”

“I ate a full plate of peas. I ate my peas,” Romney told supporters.

Romney’s quirky moments highlight the trouble that rich, well-heeled politicians sometimes have connecting with regular voters. Fellow Bay State multimillionaire U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry was painted as out of touch for dodging taxes on his luxury yacht last year, and drew mockery in 2004 for asking an Iowa clerk, “Can I get me a hunting license here?” He also offended military families with his 2006 “botched joke,” when he told college students to stay in school or they’d “get stuck in Iraq.”

But Wilson called Romney’s recent gaffes “minor” and said there has yet to be a defining moment for the presidential hopeful. “These aren’t egregious sins. I think most of this is just silly season stuff,” he said

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