Sunday, July 10, 2011

Class Act - Prince William & Kate salute our servicemen & women

The British are our best allies regardless of the crap you hear from the White House. President Obama has a personal grudge against England as he feels they mistreated his Grandfather in Kenya but true Patriots know that the Brits are our steadfast partners in keeping the West safe. They have serious internal issues (as do we) and our shared sacrifices & mutual support are part of the "Special Relationship" that we have shared for decades.

The Heir-To-The-Throne and his Bride came to the US and demonstrate class and all that makes us proud to call them our friends. Brilliant....Good Show.

We salute you: William and Kate wrap up their U.S. tour by paying tribute to brave Americans who serve in the military
By Rebecca English - UK Daily Mail
11th July 2011

The royal couple's last event saw them attend a jobs fair at Sony Pictures Studio staged by Service Nation: Mission Serve.

The body is an umbrella organisation set up by the US government which brings together different service charities to support the re-integration of servicemen and women into civvy street.

The royal couple arrived in a motorcade with an escort of 17 officers from the Californian Highway Patrol - affectionately known as Chips - who had British flags fixed to the back of their large bikes.

The couple were greeted by Sir Howard Stringer chairman and chief executive of Sony Corporation and then led inside a building for a 25 minute-long private meeting with the senior staff from Service Nation: Mission Serve.

In Sound Stage 15, a huge 42,000 square foot open-plan building, dozens of business recruitment stands for the former US servicemen and women were set up.

Sets from iconic movies were built in the huge area from the yellow brick road from the Wizard of Oz to elements of the latest Spiderman movie and Sir Paul McCartney has used it as a rehearsal space.

The royal couple were cheered by the ex-servicemen and women and their partners who were attending the fair when they arrived, and the couple did a short walkabout.

The royal said: 'This is the last event on our tour of North America, but to my mind, it is one of the most important.

'This is because it is about men and women who - of their own free will - choose to put their life on the line for their country.'

He added: "Service Nation Mission Serve, and all the companies and employers taking part today, are providing opportunities which mean something very immediate and personal to us.

'Catherine and I both have friends back in Britain who could benefit from a brilliant initiative like this.'

William made the audience laugh by taking a swipe at his brother Prince Harry: 'I am delighted, therefore, that our Foundation – and in that I include my low-flying Apache very average brother – is a partner in today’s event.'

The royal went on to tell the audience 'how grateful we are to have been welcomed so warmly in the Golden State and the City of Angels. Thank you so much.'

The couple then filled boxes given to youngsters whose parents have been deployed to Afghanistan.

William and Kate were first shown a teddy bear called Cuzzie who was dressed in a scarf, goggles, jacket that was one of the main items.

The royal couple stood next to each other and filled the package with a journal for the children to jot down their feelings,
dogtags, so they can be just like mum or dad, a DVD that takes them through the issues around deployment, and postcards to send to the frontline.

When william picked up the popular American toy - Uno playing card - he said: 'I haven't seen these in ages, I used to play this a lot,' then put it in the box.

The couple then left to catch their scheduled flight back to the UK.

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