Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Attracting Sharks on the ocean by playing Rock N' Roll....AC/DC to be specific

Looks like a Shark Tour Operator has come up with a unique way to attract the BIG FISHIES to his tour boat....By pumping out AC/DC! Looks like the Sharks enjoy Angus Young & the boys doing their thing.

For those about to become " Shark Bait", we salute you !!

I attract great white sharks with music from AC/D-Sea
by Reporter, Sunday Mirror - New Zealand

A SHARK tour operator has found a new way to attract the monsters of the deep – playing AC/DC rock songs.

Matt Waller found out by chance that pumping out the band’s music on underwater speakers brought Great Whites to his boat.

Matt, 35, whose firm Down Under runs cage-diving trips off the Neptune Islands, South Australia, said: “I plugged my iPod into the speaker and AC/DC were first up. We started playing Back in Black and a big shark came right up to the boat.”

The sharks – particular fans of ­appropriately named live album If You Want Blood You’ve Got It – seem to like the low ­frequencies.

Matt added: “I’ve seen the sharks rub their faces on the cage where the music’s ­coming from to feel it.”

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