Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Tale of the Maui Rooster - One for the " You Can't Make This Shite Up" category

I have a colleague and good friend named Andrew who has been a mentor to me for many years. He was the VP of HR at a company I worked at a while back and his laid-back style and spot-on Leadership were always appreciated. He could handle any issue with ease and do so in a manner that made all feel valued and appreciated. He is my " Brother-from-another-Mother " for lack of a better way of describing our relationship.

I got the enclosed email from him describing his latest " You Can't Make This Shite Up" tale.....awesomely funny stuff from his side of the world out in Maui.....He sends me " Aloha "messages as he knows I'm here in AFGHN living the life.....

Here is his latest adventure from Hawaii -

Aloha Wednesday.

Hope all is well in paradise..... There are Maui rooster's on island that can become a pest.We have never had one living near us. When they roost near where you live, they crow 24/7. When you try and catch them they just fly away. They also run quite fast. Since our first day on island Mr. Rooster was roosting in a tree down by our dumpster near the street. He has been quite an irritation for over a month. My investigation on trying to relocate Mr. Rooster did not fare will since they are crafty little critters. There is always that 10% that think something like this is cute or has an island flair. Hell, people even keep rats as pets, eh?

Anyway all my attempts of being smarter than a rooster failed. I was feeling quite inadequate. While grilling two nights ago down at the cabana 4 local boys with nothing to do were chasing the rooster for grins in our parking lot. As they chased the rooster up toward me I told them if they caught the rooster I would pay them.

Well they chased that bird for three hours all over our property. Guess what? They finally tired that old bird out and caught him. They did find me and I gave them $10.00.

Little did they know I what have paid much more! So Mr. Rooster has been officially relocated. Yesterday was a delight;quiet.

When I went down to take out the garbage someone with not much to do had made the flyer attached and posted it on the dumpster. You just can't make this stuff up.

Stay safe.

Just too funny to be believed and the kind of stuff that happens out there in Maui....I was able to visit him back in mid-2005 and if I ever get a chance, I plan to do so again in the future.

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