Saturday, July 23, 2011

Brits find 15mph speed limit on AFGHN bases a little "limiting"

There are certain things you have to adjust to when you spend a significant amount of time out here in Afghanistan.

It is dusty - HEAT, like the kind they are complaining about back home but for months instead of days/weeks - Food at the chow halls is "meh" - living in cramped qtrs. - basic bathrooms and shower facilities -

And the one overriding rule if you are driving anywhere on base - The 15 mph speed limit. In an effort to not lose anyone to needless accidents, the speed limit is set at 15 mph on all ISAF bases. This is exceedingly slow, especially if you need to get from point A to point B on base and you are running late. I got pulled over once on KAF because I was tooling along on the perimeter road at the ungodly rate of 40 mph. The MP who pulled me over was fairly understanding when I told him I was late for a flight and needed to get back out to the Whiskey Ramp. He gently suggested that I take it slower as there was a rather hefty fine for speeding.

Well it seems our allies the Brits have had to deal with this issue also....Must be from watching all those episodes of TOP GEAR that has got the chaps ready to get behind the wheel and yell, " More POWER !!!"

Speed guns new threat to troops in Afghanistan as top brass fine drivers for breaking 15mph limit
By UK Mail On Sunday Reporter
24th July 2011

Military police are using speed guns to catch soldiers staging ‘wacky races’ in armoured vehicles at Britain’s main base in Afghanistan.

The crackdown follows a series of accidents at Camp Bastion after soldiers raced against each other in combat trucks worth tens of millions of pounds.

Squaddies caught taking part in races have been fined £50 – a day’s pay – and received a ticking off from commanders. The speed limit inside the base is 15 miles per hour.

Vehicles at the huge desert garrison, where 10,000 UK troops are based, include the powerful, four-ton Jackal armoured car, which can reach up to 80 mph.

There are also various 20-ton armoured personnel carriers,
24-ton Warrior armoured vehicles, and hundreds of civilian off-road 4x4s.
Commanders argue that safety is paramount and the speed guns are necessary to avoid accidents.

But many frontline troops are unhappy over the crackdown, saying ‘politically correct’ officers have already ordered checks on uniforms and hair length.
One soldier said: ‘If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny, but these guys are taking their jobs too seriously. We already have the “style police”, who have nothing better to do than check our uniforms are pressed.

‘Then we have the “haircut police” telling everyone to get a haircut. It is bonkers when there is a war going on.’

A senior RAF officer said: ‘If it saves one life then I think it will have been worth it.’

An MoD spokesman said: ‘We take road safety as seriously on operations as we do in the UK.

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