Thursday, June 12, 2014

Taliban 2.0 - Made possible by POTUS & Hillary

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

These are the three kindest words I can use in conjunction with the dunderhead that sits in the White House and the failure that was his Secretary of State.

Obama & Hillary caused this issue in Iraq to become reality by emboldening the Jihhadists, arming them in Libya, failing in Benghazi and showing them that our WH would be unwilling to do anything to save our own people.

Take a good look at this HUMVEE as you and I paid for it.  It sits abandoned in Tikrit as Iraq's military was unable to defend themselves. Obama allowed this to happen with his cowardly cut & run.

Experts said so in 2008-2010.  Iraq was not ready to defend themselves.  They needed more time.  But President Stompy Foot decided in his infinite wisdom to withdraw our forces.

What an idiot.  Now, all we fought for and all we did to help Iraq will go to waste due to one imbicile who should never have been allowed to be POTUS.

I'd go on further but all it's doing is making me angrier.  I was in Fallujah from 2004-2005 and I saw the suffering of the Iraqis.  That will be nothing compared to what ISIS will do to them.

Taliban 2.0 - The shitstorm has yet to begin and it all falls on the idiot that fools elected President.

He owns this.

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Beau Bennett said...

NO, that is a lie. Bush did this. He broke it, he owns it. For a piddly 12 million dollars (less than we spend per day in Iraq still) Bush could've RETAINED all the Iraqi military. Instead, Bush and Rumsfeld decided (based on all their 'war experience') to disband the Iraqi military and now those commanders are the backbone of ISIS in Iraq.

You folks can keep repeating this 'Obama did it' but Bush set the timeline for withdrawal in Iraq, not Obama. This is a fact. Stop repeating the lie, as repeating it won't make it come true. Just like the LIE that Saddam Hussein had WMD (besides the ones Rumsfeld sold him). There were NO WMD. And 4,500 of my fellow soldiers died in Iraq FOR NOTHING.