Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back again

Good Morning -

Long time no chat. I guess I would state I owe anyone who was concerned about me an apology. I got back from Afghanistan in late May 2013, took a ride cross country and got home to find that jobs were still not easy to nail down.

 We had a crappy winter and was acting wonky so I stopped writing this blog. Now, I'm back to work with a new job and this time it is stateside. I'm going to give Blogger.comm one more chance.

 The work in Afghanistan is at an end. I'm glad to have been there and glad to have assisted the people of Afghanistan but things there are rapidly closing down. I miss many good friends I have there as the Afghans I know were great people and were very kind to me while I was there.

So there are many things that have been happening and the two that are front & center are the VA mess and Iraq. Both are places where I have had fights. The VA system is a mess and the people who used it as their cash cow are reprehensible. They have profited off the suffering and deaths of Veterans. They'll be a special place in hell for these cowards. God help them as the $$$ they made will not help them when they have to own up for their sins.

The other issue is the loss of Northern Iraq to the Jihadists, something that happened directly due to the incompetence of the idiot in the White House. There is no way to calculate the enormity of the problem as we will likely have to go back into Iraq to save the Iraqis from this mess.... I'm waiting for the news to say so and I would guarantee plans are being drawn up.

For now, I'm also on twitter - @Leadership_One / Feel free to follow me there. I'll try to make sure I get back here more often and hope that I'll be able to contribute to the blogosphere on a regular basis.

Until then, carry on.


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