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Straw Poll in NH shows that the GOP needs to find a Stronger Candidate for 2012 or they will be complicit in getting Obama reelected

NH Politics is something unique. The people of NH are a hardy bunch and take pride that they have the first real say in Presidential Politics.

A straw poll was held last night and it shows that the GOP has a looooonnnnggg way to go to find someone who can be a sustainable challenger to POTUS.

Not that POTUS is a strong candidate, rather it is because the field of GOP wannabees don't have any real strong candidates. The retreads like Mitt (But it's my turn)Romney and Gov. Tim (No, really - I'm the Governor from Minnesota) Pawlenty and Whack-job Ron Paul are a bunch of weak and tired choices that don't generate the excitement needed to run for the "Highest Office in the Land"

I mean, really, think about the idea of " President Huckabee " - That just doesn't SOUND good, the man's political views aside....I see people overseas laughing when his name is announced.....

The GOP needs to make a compelling case of why the candidate they push forward will be a better deal for the American public than staying with the idjit-in-charge that is there now.

All I can say is MITT ROMNEY ain't the person I want to lead the free world.....After you hear him give a speech, you feel like you need a shower as he comes off as a snake-oil salesman or worse....Take it from a guy from Massachusetts, you want to avoid having Mitt in charge of anything.

So far, the rest of the field looks pretty damn thin. That is not a good start to the next election for anyone, especially a country that needs to replace the person who is holding the office presently.

Recently, Massachusetts failed to replace Deval " Spend-it-all" Patrick during our elections.....In 2012, the voters cannot afford to repeat the mistake made by Massachusetts voters.

Romney Wins New Hampshire Republican Party Committee Straw Poll
January 22, 2011 3:51 PM
Amy Walter reports:

In the first ever "straw poll" of New Hampshire Republican party committee members sponsored by ABC News and WMUR and sanctioned by the state Republican party, ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney took 35 percent of the 276 valid ballots cast. This is just 3 percent more than Romney took in the 2008 GOP primary, when he finished in second place behind Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Coming in a distant second was Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, with 11 percent. Paul took 8 percent in the 2008 GOP primary.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is spending the early part of next week in the Granite State, came in third with 8 percent.

In fourth place was ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has yet to visit the first-in-the-nation-primary state, with 7 percent.

This is by no means a scientific sample, but it was a good early canvass of the sentiments of the state's most active Republican voters.

The "straw poll" was open only to the 426 registered members of the Republican committee, and 65 percent of those commitee members participated.

The take away: Romney's still the solid frontrunner here, but there's plenty of room for another Republican to break through here. Pawlenty's showing was also impressive, given how new he is to the scene. He has, however, been working New Hampshire, as have his suporters.

The Republican committee members were also asked to pick the issue that was the "most important for the Republican nominee to focus upon":

Reducing the size of the federal government: 49 percent
Reducing the size of federal debt/deficit 15 percent
Stimulating the economy to create jobs; 14 percent
Repealing health care: 7 percent

Final results of ABC News/WMUR/New Hampshire Republican Party Straw Poll.

•Mitt Romney - 97 (35.14%)
•Ron Paul - 29 (10.51%)
•Tim Pawlenty - 21 7.61%)
•Sarah Palin - 19 (6.88%)
•Michele Bachmann - 14 (5.07%)
•Jim DeMint - 14 (5.07%)
•Herman Cain - 11 (3.99%)
•Chris Christie - 9 (3.26%)
•Rick Santorum - 9 (3.26%)
•Mitch Daniels - 8 (2.90%)
•Newt Gingrich - 7 (2.54%)
•Mike Huckabee - 7 (2.54%)
•Mike Pence - 7 (2.54%)
•Rudy Giuliani - 6 (2.17%)
•Judd Gregg - 5 (1.81%)
•Gary Johnson - 5 (1.81%)
•Other - 5 (1.81%)
•Donald Trump - 3 (1.09%)
•Henry Barbour - 2 (0.72%)
•Jon Huntsman - 0 (0.00%)
•John Thune - 0 (0.00%)
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