Friday, January 21, 2011

Once again, POTUS makes it all about himself instead of the person he is supposed to be honoring

I read the story and saw the clip while on the plane to NYC this morning. POTUS was at a ceremony honoring President Kennedy and the 50th Anniversary of JFK's Inaugural.

While the ceremony and the sentiment is appropriate, once again, the President had to make the remarks all about himself.

He stated, " I can stand here as president because of JFK.."

Why does that have to be the focal point of what JFK means 50 years later??? How about " Because of JFK, young people of color have a richer and brighter future??"" or " Because of JFK, we live in a world where people from around the world live better lives as President Kennedy paved the way for a more peaceful world.."

Either of those remarks would have been much more PRESIDENTIAL and would have focused on the larger effect of JFK's legacy. Instead , it all comes back to him...

We need to have a leader who doesn't make everything all about himself, but instead speaks about the country and its citizens...BUT then again, we are talking about a man who has TWO Autobiographies so what the hell was I thinking.....Obama is just acting TRUE TO HIS OWN FORM...ugh.

Obama: I can stand here as president because of JFK
By David Jackson, USA TODAY

President Obama provided another reminder last night that he is leading a new political generation -- one born after the election of John F. Kennedy.

Yet in paying tribute last night to the 50th anniversary of JFK's inauguration, Obama -- age 49 -- said he has been inspired by Kennedy's example, and explained why may of his successors will likely feel the same way.

"Because of his vision, more people prospered, more people served, our union was made more perfect," Obama said during a star-studded gala at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

The nation's first African-American president added: "Because of that vision, I can stand here tonight as president of the United States."

Civil rights posed only one of the challenges facing that young president a half-century ago; Obama also cited the height of the Cold War, as the Soviet Union pledged to "bury" the United States and supported "wars of liberation" across the globe.

Said Obama: In this volatile America, this tinderbox of a world, President Kennedy led with a steadying hand, defusing the most perilous crisis of the Cold War without firing a single shot. Enforcing the rights of young black men and women to attend the university of their choice. Launching a corps of volunteers as ambassadors for peace in distant centers of the globe. Setting America's sights on the moon, unwilling to lose the Space Race in the wake of Sputnik.

The current president, fighting an economic downturn and the threat of terrorism, also drew laughter and applause with this line: "I can only imagine how he must have felt, entering the Oval Office in turbulent times."

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