Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arrogant Teachers & FLA Legislator want to grade Parents - "They will have no choice ....they are going to be graded as well as the children"

Wacky news stories come out of is the center of all crazy news stories.

In Florida, the arrogance of petty bureaucrats, politicians and administrators in the public sector has just hit a new watermark.....A legislator from the state of Florida wants to require Teachers to grade parents.....Who died and left her in charge??? This woman is the next "Pelosi-in-Training".

I left public education quite a while ago and the days of having a public school teacher hold sway over me ended then & there. From that day on, all education I got came out of my $$$ and I paid for the Bachelor's Degree, allowing the Professors to school me in professional business.

These arrogant, petty idiots want the ability to rule not only your child's life, but yours as well.

The failure of schools is not all on the educators but the system of tenure-for-life, no-performance ratings school systems has only insulated Educators from reality and made them arrogant. They are the epicenter of entitlement and have no regard or care for what you think. I had to chew a few of these idiots out in my time of raising children and had to remind them they work for us, not the other way around.

Schools serve our children and we as Parents will always have the final say on our children's lives. PARENTS are responsible for their children and Teachers can advise but no Teacher will ever grade parents.....that would be the height of an arrogant and out-of-control bureaucracy that is the hallmark of the failing eduction system, run by out-of-touch elite liberal idjits who haven't got a clue.

Lakeland lawmaker proposes grading parents along with students, schools
By: Matt Collins - ABC News

- Students get grades and schools get grades.

Now one state lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would require teachers to give parents in Florida a grade for how involved they are with their child's education.

Rep. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) said on Wednesday that teachers and schools can only do so much.

"We hold teachers accountable, we're holding students accountable, we're holding administrators accountable," explained Stargel. "Frequently, I was hearing from teachers saying I can't educate a child who's not there."

Parents of students in kindergarten through grade 12 would be assessed, but only parents of kindergarten through third grade students would actually see a grade on their child's report card. Stargel is proposing giving parents a satisfactory, unsatisfactory or needs improvement grade.

"You need to have your child at school, you need to have them fed with some rest and you need to talk to the teacher," she said.

Jessica Podany, who was shopping with her young children a block from Stargel's Lakeland office, had mixed feelings about the idea. But she agreed giving parents a grade would get them more involved.

"They will have no choice to be involved if they are going to be graded as well as the children," Podany said.

Stargel said one of the complaints she heard from teachers during the debate over Senate Bill 6 last year was that parents, along with teachers, needed to be held accountable for a child's education. SB6 called for an end to teacher tenure and tied teacher pay to students' performances on tests. It was vetoed by then-Governor Charlie Crist.

Stargel is a mother of five. She's also chairman of one of the Florida House's education subcommittees. The lawmaker said the legislation is a start the conversation on parent accountability.

"I don't believe this bill is going to be the finished product," Stargel said. "We're going to get input from all of the people and figure out what we can do to hold the parents more accountable."

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