Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHICOMS plagiarize footage of an alledged Chinese Jet in action.....Pictures show pics & film were lifted from Top GUN

China likes to talk a good game.....lots of PR is put out by the Chinese Government on the advancements they are making....Upcoming trips to the Moon, new Fighter Jets, etc. etc.

Well this time, it looks like the PRC was caught with it's pants down and its face as RED as their flag.....Looks like someone decided that if they wanted to brag about their Fighters, it was better to clip a piece of the footage from Top Gun than to show what actually happened.....or didn't. Again, The PRC talks a good game but it seems like the only thing they excel at is COPYING the work of others....pitiful plagiarizing.

China's military left red-faced as footage of fighter jets bears an uncanny resemblance to cult classic Top Gun
By Oliver Pickup
30th January 2011

Chinese government officials were left red-faced after a television broadcast purporting to show their crack fighter pilots gunning down another jet was accused of being faked.

The footage of a jet whistling a missile into another plane, causing it to explode in a dramatic fiery fashion, looks remarkably similar to the classic 1986 Hollywood film top Gun, which helped launch the career of 25-year-old Tom Cruise, who played lead character Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell.

State-sponsored China Central Television (CCTV) aired the video last week as part of its main evening broadcast and claimed that the film showed one of the country's new Chinese J-10 fighter jets shooting the missile at an enemy plane in a training exercise.

The training exercise by the People's Liberation Army Air Force was shown on January 23 and it didn't take long before one movie buff spied a clip where the enemy plane is blown up rather closely matched a key snippet of action from Top Gun's final fight scene.

If this is the case, it's a pretty big gaffe to make, especially when you consider that the film remains a cult classic, and has grossed over £220million at the box office.

The original footage has been pulled from CCTV in an attempt to avoid further embarrassment, but bloggers have already grabbed what they need and have heaped scorn on the China for allegedly trying to pass off the action as their own.

If the story is found to be legitimate it would not be the first time Chinese media have lifted material for a news broadcast from Hollywood without adhering to copyright laws.

Four years ago Xinhua - another state-run station - reportedly used an X-ray image of Homer Simpson's head to illustrate a story about the genetic link to multiple sclerosis.

D'oh, indeed.

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