Monday, January 3, 2011

Fanfare for the Common Man.....Citizens who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

Like many who have been over there in Iraq & Afghanistan, I consider myself an ordinary man who found myself in extraordinary circumstances....Many others share a similar outlook on the experience we share as Combat Veterans. It changes us and none of us will ever be the same...forever....there's no going back.

Today, I was at work at Logan Airport where things have been a little busy....a customer asked me how I could be so calm with all the congestion and people who were trying to get where they were going....I told her, " Ma'am, 4 months ago I was in Afghanistan..."

She looked at me and said, " So this is nothing for you." - I smiled and let her know that no matter what went on, it would be OK...that any day back home was OK compared to time in Afghanistan (or Iraq for that matter). She thanked me and went on her way.

The men (and women) who find themselves on the field of battle are not superhuman, just ordinary people who want to make a difference. Common citizens performing extraordinary tasks....This evening on the train home, my Ipod randomly selected " Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron of my favorite pieces of American music.

Please take a minute to watch the enclosed video and take in the awesome sound of " Fanfare for the Common Man ", juxtaposed against scenes from " Saving Private Ryan", a great movie that highlights the efforts of the Greatest Generation who assaulted Normandy on D-Day....In the movie, they saved Private Ryan and just like the real soldiers, earned a grateful nation's thanks.

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