Saturday, November 13, 2010

We have a job to do in Afghanistan - Letter from A Canadian Soldier's Mom

Enclosed is a letter from the Mother of one of our Canadian Soldiers, an ally and fellow warrior who has been out there twice. I spent 10 months in AFGHN and anyone who would go there twice has my respect. I give high value and praise to her words as she has a greater stake in the game than the Politicians and others do....She has offered support to her son, her nation and our shared commitment to do what must be done.....God Bless her, her son and all in harm's way.

We have a job to do in Afghanistan - Letter from A Canadian Soldier's Mom

Offering an opinion on Canada’s role in Afghanistan is not my style, for one simple reason: I am the mother of a Canadian soldier and strongly believe my role is to support my soldier son, political opinion aside.

Something moved me this time, possibly Remembrance Day, to present another opinion, from a different vantage point. My son has served in Afghanistan (Sept 2008 to May 2009) and will return to Afghanistan in spring 2011. On national TV, I have seen my son saluting a fallen comrade during a ramp ceremony at Kandahar Airfield. I have seen my son standing with the men of his section, hands on their heart and tears running down their checks honouring one of their own make his final journey. I have seen my son as a military pallbearer, solemn and stalwart. We spoke this week and when I asked his thoughts on the extension, without hesitation he responded: Absolutely we should. Canada has a commitment to NATO, an international responsibility, and with great passion, a responsibility to our 152 fallen soldiers.

I am sure opinions vary across our soldiers, although unspoken, as they too are not political. We Canadians, often from our comfortable lives, are quick to express our discontent with Canada’s role in Afghanistan. Here is one veteran’s mother’s point of view. Please, remember our soldiers.

Jennifer MacKinnon


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