Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dumbing Down of the News - Journalism keeps sinking to new lows

Another " Really? " Moment..... Has journalism sunk this low?

I like to read the news, always have and always will. I became a news junkie at a very young age of 4 when my Dad would bring home three newspapers each day and I would go through them to find the Comics. I loved them and it was cool to be able to read the different papers as each offered pictures and other cool stuff.

I still like to read the news and presently, the Internet offers a news junkie's delight as there are website galore that are dedicated to providing the latest news from around the world.

The news that I see and what is presented as NEWS is what troubles me....That some of what is sent along could actually be important enough that it constitutes a "news worthy" item...

For Example, the headlines today are a perfect example of what I mean:

" Great Britain's Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton are engaged. " - OK, the Royal Family are famous but is this really that big enough news that it rates a Headline?? Social page maybe but not top headlines unless you live in England

" Thanks, Sarah Palin: 'Refudiate' Dubbed Word of the Year " Sarah Palin is either scorned or cheered but again, is this newsworthy? Unless she declares to run for President, then it may be newsworthy. Until then, not so much.

" Did Jessica Simpson Pay for Her Own $100000 Ring? " - Seriously, who flippin' cares?

" The Price 20-Somethings Pay to Live in the City" - A fluff piece in the NY TIMES about the plight of the youngsters who want to live in NYC but have trouble affording it or finding a place that " suits them " - One idjit in this story has his MOTHER paying his rent - " Does his mother, who’s paying his rent, worry about him? " Again, how is this NEWSWORTHY that some 20 year old knucklehead has his Mother paying the rent so he can live in NYC?? And this is important how?

" Kanye West Vs. Matt Lauer: The Feud Escalates " AND " Jay-Z decodes life through lyrics with new book; defends Kanye and Obama" - Really?? Do any of us need to know anything these two mouth-breathers have to say about anything? Kanye West & Jay-Z are NOT important to what the rest of us need to know and their opinions are anything BUT important. They are two marguinal talents propped up by the youth obsessed culture that treats what they do as art. If what they do is art, so is the sound made by my Old Jeep.

Listen to this idiot spout his drivel - Jay-Z: " I wanted to tell the story of a generation. Through my story, I'm telling the story of a generation of kids, and we grew up in one of the worst eras ever"

REALLY?? One of the worst eras ever??? In comparison to the Depression era, WW2 Era, The Cold War Era, The Vietnam Era, Etc?? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ?? Up until the last two years, America and the standard of Living has been at it's highest levels ever over the last 50 years so what is he talking about??? Jay-Z spends much of "Decoded" talking about his career as a drug dealer - REALLY?? As if that is something we want to glorify with glowing tributes to his written words - NO, We Should not. He should not be able to brag about the drugs he sold and the pain he caused others.

This is more drivel and to support OBAMA and Kanye West shows that this cretin has no integrity, honor or standing as he supports the dumbing down of America.

The news should be information we need to know and help keep the public informed on important issues. What some celebrity thinks about a Political issue is as important has what the guy who sells newspapers on the corner thinks about it... Just because people pay idiots with a microphone like Jay-Z or Kanye to make "music" (allegedly) doesn't mean they are experts on other subjects that deserve recognition, no more than the guy who repairs your car should be consulted about world affairs.

It is a symptom of a larger problem of a celebrity / youth obsessed culture in our country, driven by the idea that we must tailor our world to the lowest intelligence level and the 14- 25 year old demographic. The MTV age group is somehow regarded higher than those who work, pay the bills and put food on the table each day for their family...

I am decidedly middle-aged but far from "out-of-it". It bothers me that all the rest of society eats up this terrible drivel without looking at what is served up and saying, " Really? As if this is worthy of my time or effort."

If we rejected this crappola for what it is, maybe (just maybe) the media will stop serving it. One could only hope.

Meanwhile, while idijits are focusing on the wastrels of Hollywood, we have true American Heroes fight & dying for our freedom and trying to keep us safe from those who want to kill us and our country....Maybe that is worthy of a little more attention after all.....I believe so and so should any sane citizen. Tell the Oprahs and the Kanye West's of the world to take a flying leap, we are going to focus on what really matters. The news will be devoted to issues that truly effect our lives and not a bunch of self-obsessed, shallow, dumb-it-down idijits acting out.

That would be news and HIGHLY newsworthy.

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