Friday, November 12, 2010

Internal US Army Memo - Taliban wearing stolen U.S. Army uniforms

pissa! (Exclamation) -Bostonian slang used when something goes wrong: "Oh pissa!", he shouted as his car keys fell down the storm drain.

That's all I could say when I read the enclosed news......marvelous.....I would ask my Friends back in AFGHN to keep your eyes open and stay safe, will ya ???

Taliban wear stolen U.S. Army uniforms

By: PHILIP EWING & GORDON LUBOLD / / November 12, 2010 @ 6:10 AM

Enemy fighters have been swiping Army uniforms shipped to Afghanistan via supply routes through Pakistan, Morning Defense has learned, and commanders say the insurgents are using them “to gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield.”

Taliban fighters have worn the stolen uniforms during attacks against American and Afghan troops, including during a failed Aug. 28 raid on two bases in Khost province, an ISAF official in Kabul confirmed early Friday.

The revelations were included in an internal Army message this week that mandated uniform items now be treated as “sensitive cargo” and flown into Afghanistan, not shipped over land, so they won’t be intercepted.

A copy of the message was obtained by Morning Defense.

“U.S. outer-garment uniform items are considered highly pilferable items and every effort must be taken to ensure they are safeguarded while in transit,” the message said. It covered tactical vests, plate carriers, cold weather gear and fire-resistant items, as well as standard uniforms. The Army did not respond to a request for comment; many officials were off Thursday for Veterans Day. The ISAF official said the use of uniform tricks “is certainly an old tactic, and one we constantly guard against.”

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