Friday, November 12, 2010

The Lads in Ireland learn that sending " Top Ten" lists by e-mail was likely NOT the best idea they ever had...

Tis a sad, sad tale I need to tell ye....There be a group of Lads back in the Old Sod who are getting their bits put through the mill as they sent along a "Top 10" e-mail that rates and lists the lasses they would most like to have around...and like to other things with if they could.

The Lads never learned that in this day & age, anything ( and I mean ANYTHING)you put in an e-mail can & will be published around the world if you are not careful....Let's just say these guys don't even know what the word c-a-r-e-f-u-l means... must have missed that lesson at Business school.

I am sure this is causing a lot of serious discussions between the lads & their BOSSES - at work AND at the homefront.....tis a sad thing to see....The young lasses are a fine representation of Irish womanhood and are also likely NOT happy with the added attention.... Tis a storm that be brewing over the Emerald Isle...
Click on the picture to see a copy of the e-mail....

TOP TEN Office E-mail that;s scandalizing Ireland -

Accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is mired in scandal after a group of 17 male employees in Dublin started forwarding around a "top 10" list of their picks for the most attractive female employees in the office. We have it.

The frat boy behavior of 17 Irish PWC employees is quickly becoming an international incident. The company has already launched an investigation after the email was forwarded all over Ireland, and made its way into the newspapers there today:

"We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are launching a full investigation. We will take all necessary steps and actions in line with our firm's polices and procedures," PWC's human resources partner Carmel O'Connor said last night.

Accounting trade magazines have picked up the story; once it hits the British tabloids, it'll certainly be a PR nightmare for PWC—which has 2,000 employees in Ireland, and 160,000 worldwide. It's already circulated widely in the Irish corporate world, and the media there has seen it, but no news outlet has published it yet.

Judge for yourself. (Don't get all exercised; there's nothing pornographic, it's standard company photos and titles.) Perhaps this will serve as a warning to office-working dudes across the corporate world: Don't do this.

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