Sunday, November 28, 2010

Return of Army Sgt. surprises family as 70,000 cheer

As with many things, rivalries are one thing, and loyalty to others is a completely different subject...."ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT" is the mantra that all services practice as we are all in this together.

Being a loyal New England Patriots fan and Navy Vet doesn't stop me from cheering on this Army Sgt. who surprised his family at the Titans game by returning early from deployment and surprising his family as 70,000 fans cheered them on....awesome.

From The Army Times -

Return of Sgt. surprises family as 70,000 cheer

By Erin Quinn - The Tennessean
Posted : Tuesday Nov 23, 2010 15:30:40 EST

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Jodi Foster thought she was in the middle of LP Field simply as the winner of an essay contest she and her Army sergeant husband had won for a Veterans Day contest that the Tennessee Titans put on.

Sgt. Mark Foster was in Afghanistan, where he had been deployed eight months ago.

But he returned in a golf cart Sunday with bundles of yellow and red roses as 70,000 people at the football game cheered.

Jodi and their 12-year-old daughter, Kayla, ran to him.

As Jodi and Kayla clung to each side of their big, strong Army sergeant, the three walked off the field. The fans stood and clapped. Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” blared from the speakers.

“It was like prom night,” said the sergeant stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky., who is home for two weeks before he goes back to his fifth deployment. “I was so nervous. It was like my wedding day all over again.”

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