Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Season in full swing along with Drunk the scene of an arrest for DWI just down the street from my house last night

No lack of action in my neck of the woods...last night about 22:30 hours, a knucklehead drunk driver came down the road and managed to run off the road. In doing so he plowed into a space between a telephone pole and a wire stanchion, hooking the bumper of his truck on the wires...

The initial crash awakened me as I was just dozing off and then the sound of the guy trying to work his truck off the wires got me outta bed and outside just as a Police Car showed up on the scene....The guy was still trying to extricate his truck off the pole when the cop got out of his cruiser and ordered the guy out of his truck with his weapon drawn. The guy obeyed the cop and got out....He was placed under arrest but asked to be taken to the hospital....what an idjit.

Enclosed are pics from the scene....a local developer wants to stack 70 units of housing into an old factory site across the street in the next year which would overcrowd the area....Last night's stupidity is a good example of the reason why until the town fixes the issues on my street,(speeding, bad road surface, lack of traffic plan) adding many more units of housing here would be a disaster.

Also, just a general reminder - Take it slow out there and for God's sake, and for the sake of your fellow man, if you have a drink, DON'T DRIVE.

The life you save might be your own or more importantly, that of an innocent person who happens to get in your line-of-fire....There is no justification for this type of stupidity.

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