Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Strong / Patriots One and All

What a week for all those who live and call Boston their home.  If you are from Massachusetts, Boston is the epicenter of all that represents us as people who identify ourselves as Bostonians.

The local and federal law enforcement showed the world how a manhunt is conducted and along with the help of many citizens, identified these cowardly bastards.  These citizens and police are Patriots, one and all.

The manhunt that the world witnessed was unprecedented in the history of our country. These idiots hit us hard but they saw that they messed with the wrong city.  The swift force of justice hunted them down.

I was in the DFAC this morning while the news of the capture of the 2nd suspect played out on the TV.  A member of the local cooks was standing next to me and I proudly pointed at the TV and told him, " That's my home - These people are my tribe ! "  - As all things here are focused on tribal affiliation, I wanted to make sure he knew how proud I was of my people.

On NCIS LA, there is an episode where they were dealing with a criminal who takes out two of the NCIS staff in horrific fashion.  Agent Callen ( played by Chris ODonnell) has a heated discussion with the Deputy Director Granger as they are going to let the bad guy walk for political purposes

Callen says to Granger  "He killed our people! OUR PEOPLE !"

I and many others have experienced that same emotion this week.  I woke up Tuesday morning here in Kandahar to the news of the bombing as it happened while we were sleeping ( 8 1/2 hrs time difference).  I cried and wanted to do something but I am here in Kandahar.  I went through the same emotions when I was in Egypt on 09/11.  It is a terrible feeling of being away, being separated from all you love and desperately wanting to be there to help.  There is no way to really describe the emotions as it is an empty feeling but one of resolve to help in any way you can.

Friday was our day off and like many others, I followed the events live via SAT TV.  It was my way of coping with not being able to be there.  It went on all day and I had to go to bed to be up the next day.  Saturday morning I woke up and watched the final part of the drama play itself out.  But this is far from over as we need to know the who, what, when , where and the WHY behind all of this.

I am BOSTON Proud and always have been.  It is where my family has called home since 1635.  14 generations of my family have lived in Massachusetts and my Mom's parents both came here straight from the Old Sod of Ireland.

They hit us hard but we showed the world we are BOSTON STRONG Always & forever.

To the terrorists, you failed.  You took from us 4 gentle souls but you will not bend our will to be a beacon of Freedom.  Boston is the best city in America with the best people. 
Watch the Marathon in 2014 and you will see that this tragedy will become triumph as we will not allow the cowardly bastards such as these to take away our freedom. 

The 2014 Boston Marathon will be a important sign to the world that you don't mess with Boston. Ever.

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