Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hailstones reek havoc in Kandahar

Tuesday was a weird day here in Kandahar.  That is quite a statement as this place has some pretty messed up things happening daily but yesterday was a new one.

We got hit by a thunderstorm/hail that lasted about 30 minutes, pelting everything with hailstones as large as golfballs.  It destroyed cars, windsheilds, tables and just about everything that was outside.

The Hail punched holes in our picnic tables that were outside.
The sad news was that three local Afghan Citizens were killed by the hailstones, getting hit in the head hard enough to take their lives.
Of all the ways to get killed in this country, ( and there are many), no one ever wrote on a death certificate, " Killed by Hailstone " until today.
This place never ceases to amaze me as it is crazy here in Kandahar.  Time to go home in about 27 days.....sounds like a plan.  Get outta here and go home.

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