Friday, April 12, 2013

The "Layabout Day" and a visit to KAF

Took a ride over to KAF today.  It is our one day a week off, or as we call it, the "Layabout Day".  It is the one day a week when you can just hang out and not focus on anything.

Got to see a  little more of the base than usual as the exit we normally use ECP 5 (Entry Control Point) was closed for road work.  We wound up having to drive to the far end of the base to exit at ECP 4 instead.  We drove along the road which takes you in front of the civilian terminal which is pictured below.

KAF was dusty and busy as usual....Not much different going on but the place is noticeably less crowded.  That is one sign that the "rush to the exits" is proceeding here in Afghanistan. Picked up the mail and stopped off at the PX for a few things.
The rest of the day was dedicated to making the most of my Layabout Day and enjoying a day where we can recharge the batteries for the next week which begins tomorrow.

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