Friday, April 27, 2012

We need to elect an adult as President

The media is trying to tee up the 2012 Election as " The Popular Kids" ( Obama and his ilk) vs. "The Squares" ( Romney & the GOP)

REALLY ?  Although this is the CRAP you would expect from the media.  The same fools who provide us with updates on stupid reality shows as "news" and who push the dumbing down of America on our citizens while laughing behind their backs at us.

Obama is NOT the person who should be in the Oval Office as the election is NOT High School.  WE need the best person for the job, not the most popular.  We need someone who isn't about being popular but about being the best in creating jobs and fixing the economy.

The enclosed writer gets it....For far too long we have had a complete lack of adult leadership in government.  We need to stop the BS and get back to the nation being a place where jobs & a strong economy are the priorities, not the BS of those who are elected allowing the stupidity we have witnessed in the last 3 1/2 years.

The enclosed picture shows two members of Obama's staff - The man on the left is Obama's newly-designated chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau.  The picture speaks volumes about the type of people who are in charge of our government.

Here's the link to the LA Times story

Wednesday April 18, 2012

Partying on the public dime is endless
Under Obama, some federal workers have no shame at all - Don Surber

The Obama administration sent 11 elite Secret Service agents to Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of a presidential visit for an international conference.

The agents stayed at the swank Hotel Caribe, where it is alleged they partied with hookers until the dawn's early light.

Once again, we have a Democratic president and once again the editorial pages are filled with sex talk.

These are not 11 bad apples. These are the best of the best in Washington.

The party-time attitude of the Secret Service reflects a president who blows millions on vacations to exotic locations hither and yon. He spent $250,000 of taxpayer money so he could fly to New York City to catch a Broadway show.

Even after the Secret Service party became an international scandal - an embarrassment that made the United States look like an imperial state slumming in Colombia - Hillary Rodham Clinton kicked up her heels and partied all night at a night club in Cartagena.

The disgust was felt worldwide.

"It is hard to imagine Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright or Henry Kissinger 'livin' la vida loca' on the world stage," wrote Nile Gardiner of the Telegraph in London.

"This was less an example of 'smart power' than a boozy nightclub audition for the sixth season of 'Jersey Shore.'

"Hillary Clinton's Colombian antics are an embarrassment for a high-level cabinet member on official duty, and have lowered the office of Secretary of State.

"Not exactly the sort of image the federal government should be projecting at a time of widespread public disillusionment with Washington excesses."

The conference was about illicit drugs, which are destroying democracies across the Western Hemisphere.

No accord was reached.

Actual agreement was the last thing the president wanted. He joked with Colombian officials that he was there to scout out his next vacation with Michelle.

Yuk, yuk, yuck.

The joke is on the taxpayer. This was not a real conference but another spring break for our immature president - another taxpayer-funded embarrassment.

This is just another scandal from an administration that gives billions in government money for crackpot "alternative energy" schemes run by billionaire donors to President Obama's political campaign.

President Obama famously warned CEOs that they could not go to Las Vegas on the public dime.Now we learn why he said that. Government officials want Las Vegas for themselves.

The General Services Administration blew more than $800,000 on a "conference" in Las Vegas.

There are no adults in the White House. None.

The partying will not end until voters elect an adult as president.

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