Monday, April 23, 2012

The reason for why things are so bad - LEADERSHIP FAILURE from the Oval Office

Glenn Reynolds over at INSTAPUNDIT makes a very good observation: " Here’s a question everyone should be pondering: If the federal government can’t keep the President’s bodyguards from drinking and whoring on duty, how likely is it to be able to run anything competently?"

The answer to that is one I can provide as I am a SME (subject matter expert) on the key reason for this problem. The reason why we are watching the Secret Service act out and the GSA go hog wild on our dime is simple - A complete and utter LACK of LEADERSHIP from the OVAL OFFICE. In both cases, those who work for our government felt they were beyond the rules, that those in charge acted that way, so why can't I do so too?? In all organizations, the culture and how people act is based on what they see from the LEADERSHIP.

In the case of the US Government, they see an incompetent pol who blames everyone else for his failings, lectures all others while breaking the rules at will and allowing his own wants & needs to come before what is good for the country. Like publicly stating " You can't go to Vegas on the public's dime.." and then having the First Lady and his daughters do that very thing earlier this year.

The past three & one half years has been a textbook example of Leadership Failure 101 and it is glaringly apparent to anyone who understands what it takes to be in charge of an important undertaking like running the western world...Obama Must Go. He was the wrong person for the job and " President Trainwreck" needs to be back where he belongs, on permanent vacation.

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