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A while back, I posted some of what I listed as "beliefs".  I am reposting it as I am getting ready to take on a new task, and it is always good practice to reiterate what is important on a regular basis. Here's what I posted two years ago.

Beliefs –

I saw that there was a webpage posted by a highly regarded milblogger about what he stated were his beliefs…..this sounded like a healthy exercise in putting some thoughts on paper ….or electronic webpage as it were….Here’s my swipe at it…tried not to get too wordy (sorry) but needed to cover the subject well:

I believe in the US Constitution and have sworn to uphold it against all enemies foreign & domestic; including willingly giving my life to defend it…Retirement from the military has not altered this agreement nor will any condition alter it during my lifetime.

I believe in the USA….always have, always will. My country is a global force for good as we are and have been the last best hope for much of mankind. That said, I believe that the less intervention Government has in our lives, the better. Our Government is a model for others and in need of constant updates/revision as it is an ever changing entity and in need of constant improvement. Our Government is designed to serve the people, and not the other way around.

I believe in the inherent goodness of people and have an optimistic outlook on humanity as a whole, well grounded with a firm understanding of the demonstrated history of man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man and all other living creatures. Free will was given to us by our creator along with all the responsibility that comes with it.

I believe History is an important subject and one that too many ignore – we can learn more about ourselves through history than many other fields of study….History is a deep and fascinating subject as it is more compelling than any piece of fiction written.

I believe that my wife and I are truly meant for each other as God has a wry sense of humor…My Wife has been the best thing in my life and has made me a better person, as I hope I have done for her also. That said, I know that we are in love, a love that is our blessing in this life and that our love is sacred. She is the one I love and I have pledged my life to her, in all ways, in all manner as she has also done for me.

I believe that Family is one of the most important factors in life and one the shapes us all….Family can be good and families can also have issues….Parenting is the toughest task you will ever take on but one that returns the greatest rewards – I believe Children need parents who are their moral teachers and life-leaders – That they need love, affection and most of all to be taught a sense of responsibility. This job is a lifetime appointment.

I believe that we are not here by accident and that we all have a purpose in this life, ordained by a heavenly God. The idea that any one religious belief has moral or ideological superiority over others is somewhat amusing as I feel that those that preach that ideal will be in for a rude awakening when they do finally meet their maker. Like many things, religious beliefs can be misused and that is a travesty. I feel that the ideal of religious freedom is one that is sacrosanct, and included in the US Bill of Rights as it was one of the reasons our country was founded. Kinda important if you ask me….

I believe that we all will have an opportunity to obtain everlasting life through our belief in our God and I will look forward to meeting with Him to discuss this issue in approximately 50-60 years from now or longer.

I believe in the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics as they are the best representatives of our modern major league sporting teams. I also believe that most of the players are highly over-paid for playing games that are inherently designed for fun, not as money making enterprises. Nonetheless, I understand that people will pay the price to attend and watch the games, so more power to them.

I believe in not allowing the enemies of free men to go unchallenged and assisting all who seek to be free. This is accomplished through many means up to and including sending young men & women to defend liberty where it is in the most dire straits…This has been the course our country has chartered for the past 234 years or so….it is what separates us from the timid and less capable countries and those who will be conquered because they lack the understanding that Freedom is not free.

I believe in the United States Navy and all that she represents….Her history is one that has shaped the nation and the world….We (Navy & Marine Corps Veterans) are her legacy and we will always represent the ideals of Honor, Courage & Commitment. I also believe that the Navy will prevail at the ARMY-NAVY game in December….as it should be.

I believe in the friends I have cultivated through my life and that I owe them a great debt as they have been instrumental in assisting me along life’s path. The friends I have are like family and I treasure each and every one of them. They are the people who have made life’s journey enjoyable and well worth taking…I also believe a few of them are serious knuckleheads and would not want them to change one bit. I also believe in sharing a good cigar & beer with them is a great exercise in what friendship should be ….a lifelong relationship built on trust, admiration and learning from each other.

I believe in working on old cars is one of the pure joys in life as the automobile significantly shaped our American life…..The enjoyment imbued in the design, function and simplicity of all older vehicles (those built before 1975) is something that is sorely missing in the computerized and overcomplicated pieces of junk the automakers are producing these days. Regulations and a push to lighten autos has taken away some of the things that made the older cars superior. The older cars were built to LAST and made of steel….steel that would protect the occupants and give the car character…, tailfins, large steering wheels and large engines….all things related to internal combustion engines and automobiles are very cool….some cooler than others obviously.

I believe in the following companies as they have made awesome machines and products – Chevrolet, Pontiac, GM, Porsche, Volkswagen, Bugatti, All companies past & present that produced outstanding military vehicles such as North American, Vought, Curtis-Wright, Grumman, Northrop, Bell, etc. etc. – They have provided the things that have taken us to all four corners of our globe and back….I also deeply believe in Man’s exploration of Space and all that it represents as we travel beyond the shores of our small and beautiful globe.

I believe in our unbreakable bond with our K-9 companions – 15000 years ago or so we made an unwritten, unspoken pact with their ancestors…We would provide warmth, shelter and easy access to food…in return, they would protect us from the things that lurked in the darkness that wanted to harm us or have us for dinner….This pact has been unbroken since and likely is that longest unbroken agreement in the history of man.

I believe in the following words regarding our K-9 Companions: "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." – Author Unknown

I believe in the beauty of music, art, film & the written word…all these things have increased our understanding of the human condition and provided great insight into humanity as a whole…..Music is something I would find very difficult to live without...I also believe in Scientific research & knowledge as it will supply us with the answers to many things that have plagued mankind…..Science is a tool and like many tools, it can be used for ultimate good and ultimate evil if misused.

Lastly, I believe whole heartily in the concept of Honor, and that it is one area where all good men of conscience cannot compromise – I came across these words, spoken by US Senator John McCain when he was presented the Profiles in Courage award by the John F. Kennedy Museum in 1999 for his political courage, and I believe in these words with all my heart and my soul:

I wish I could pretend to you and to myself that my efforts were comparable to the courage with which I have seen many good men live and die, and whose inspiration has given me heart in difficult times. But I cannot. For my actions are less a profile in courage than a profile in shame.

When I was a young man, and all glory was self-glory, I responded aggressively and often irresponsibly to anyone who questioned my honor.…. But as I grew older, and the challenges to my self-respect became more varied and difficult, I was surprised to discover that while my sense of honor had matured, its defense mattered even more to me than it did when I believed that honor was such a frail thing that any empty challenge could threaten it.

The courage of the living and the dead taught me that. They taught me to dread dishonor above all other injuries.”

Remarks delivered by U.S. Senator John McCain, recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award Ceremony, awarded on May 24, 1999 at the JFK Library in Boston, MA.

More to follow.....

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